10 Baffling Medical Conditions That Doctors Have No Explanation For

From everyday maladies, like the hiccups lasting all day, to strange growths on your body, the world is full of baffling medical conditions doctors just can’t really explain. Some of those syndromes are extremely hard for the people they affect. Here are 10 of the most bizarre ones we’ve found.

10. Crying stones

Closeup of one female eye and tear on her cheek.

The doctors have no idea what’s caused it or how to cure it. | invizbk/Getty Images

Remember all those times you cried uncontrollably from sadness, loss, or even happiness? Well, imagine if you were crying stones. That’s the case for Saadia Al Jaharni. In January of 2014, Saadia just, all of a sudden, started crying stones from her eyes. She doesn’t cry stones all the time and does produce normal tears. However, she can produce up to 100 stones from her eye a day, according to her father. Currently, there is no diagnosis or cure for what ailed her.

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9. The 20-year-old baby

Happy girl sat on the arm of a beautiful butterfly and she enjoys communing with nature

Never getting old is a wish of a lot of people, but the reality is terrifying. | Garosha/ Getty Images

Brooke Greenburg lived completely in her youth. By the time she passed away when she was 20, she was no bigger than an infant and she had the mental capacity of a 2-year-old. Don’t let her small size dissuade you; she was one tough cookie. She survived a myriad of complications all her life. She’s almost like a real-life Benjamin Button. Scientists have no idea what causes this, but they are studying her in hopes of tapping the fountain of youth.

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8. No pain, all gain?

Happy family in the park evening light. The lights of a sun. Mom, dad and baby happy walk at sunset. The concept of a happy family.Parents hold the baby's hands.

It seems like it would be cool, but it’s really not. | Lacheev/Getty Images

Imagine never being able to feel pain. It seems all well in good until the reality of it actually steps in. Gabby Gingras was born with an extremely rare condition called hereditary sensory autonomic neuropathy (HSAN). When she was teething she would chew on anything, including her hands.

Oftentimes those hands would turn bloody from the chewing. Or imagine chewing on your tongue like it was bubble gum, without knowing you were inflicting long-lasting damage. For Gabby, her nerve endings that are supposed to feel pain never developed. There is no cure for this affliction and there is no known cause for it.

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7. Klippel-Trenaunay Syndrome

Thoughtful and nervous woman waiting for the interviewer during a job interview in a desk at office

Whether it’s subtle or severe, it’s still debilitating. | AntonioGuillem/Getty Images

Klippel-Trenaunay Syndrome, or KTS, is a syndrome that causes abnormal growth of your soft and bone tissue. This can cause you to grow one leg larger than the other, develop what is known as a “port wine stain” on your body composed of enlarged blood vessels, extra toes or fingers, and the list goes on.

One person who suffers from the disease has a port wine stain from her torso to her thigh, fat lumps across her back, and one leg is larger than the other. Although, you probably wouldn’t have noticed any of those things unless you were really looking for them. There is no cure and the syndrome requires a team of doctors across many disciplines to treat it.

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6. The never-ending hiccup

Man leaning with hands against wall, dark room

It’s essentially anyone’s worst nightmare. | KatarzynaBialasiewicz/Getty Images

Just imagine that one day you start getting the hiccups. You try all the normal remedies: peanut butter, drinking water upside down, getting scared, etc. Then they never go away. Well, that is the case of Christoper Sands. in 2007, His medical condition just began. He just started and couldn’t stop. Sometimes he would be just “writhing around in pain while drinking water.” When he is not hiccuping, he is feeling like he’s on the verge of another episode; just like that feeling, you get just before a sneeze. There is no cause to this or a cure in sight.

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5. Foreign accent syndrome

Couple talking outdoors in a park with a green background

Imagine the phone conversations you would have after. | AntonioGuillem/Getty Images

One day, after Rosemarie Dore went to work, she began to act funny to her co-workers. Taking a heed of caution, she checked herself into the local hospital. It turns out that she suffered a stroke. Following that, she began to speak with a different accent. During her recovery, she began to speak in a very particular eastern Canadian accent even though she had never been there before in her life and didn’t know anyone from the region. While the cause is almost certainly her stroke, her condition is extremely rare. There doesn’t seem to be a cure for her malady anytime soon.

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4. Music-induced seizures

headphones placed down with visual soundwave

It’s one thing when music is objectively bad, it’s another when it actually causes you harm. | HARR120N

It’s peculiar enough that music would cause a seizure in the first place. What’s even more strange is when it is caused by a specific artist. In 2006, Stacey Gayle was at a cookout when Sean Paul’s “Temperature” came on the radio. She quickly set into a seizure but was fine at the end. Then she had another one at a restaurant. Eventually, it was figured out that Sean Paul’s music was the thing inducing the seizures. There’s absolutely no explanation for it.

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3. The stone man syndrome

close up of Michelangelo's David head in Florence, Italy

It’s a slow a debilitating disease. | AlKane/Getty Image

Starting from a broken leg that failed to set properly, Harry Eastlack’s body slowly started to turn to bone. When afflicted with this syndrome a patient gets bone growth within the muscle tissue sporadically throughout the body. This can stiffen up everything in your body. Doctors tried to remove the growing bone from Harry’s body, but it only grew back faster and stronger than before. There’s currently no cure for this disease.

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2. Tree-man syndrome

Bark texture

It’s a syndrome that has baffled many doctors through the years. | PetiaIlieva/Getty Images

Lewandowsky-Lutz dysplasia affects very few people across the world, but the cause is known. It is a hereditary disease. So far, there are not any cures known. Tree-man syndrome is a malady that causes the skin to create wart-like formations across the surface. Surgically removing them only causes them to come back with more rigor and at an accelerated rate.

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1. Body dysmorphic disorder

Unhappy Teenage Girl Measuring Waist

The symptoms can be life-threatening. | Highwaystarz-Photography/Getty Images

Self-image has always been apart of society. In some cases, it is so extreme that it can affect the daily lives of some people. The disorder makes those who have it concentrate on perceived bodily flaws. This can lead to a myriad of unnecessary surgeries throughout their lifetime. In some cases, this misconceived perception of one’s self can lead to suicide. It’s not an issue of vanity, but more of a severe psychological syndrome.

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