The Best (and Worst) Menu Items from Chip and Joanna Gaines’ New Restaurant

The stars of “Fixer Upper” have finally expanded their empire to include serving healthy food to complete strangers. Chip and Joanna Gaines’ new restaurant features foods to fill locals’ breakfast and lunch needs — and the Magnolia Table menu probably tastes as good as it looks.

To celebrate the opening of Magnolia Table, here’s a rundown of some of the best — and a few of the worst — items on the menu.

Worst: French Toast Breakfast

French toast on a white plate.

The hearty breakfast of french toast also includes eggs, bacon, and tater tots. |

The items themselves aren’t bad for you. The only problematic thing about this breakfast is that there’s just a lot of it. You don’t just get two french toast slices with butter. You also get two eggs, bacon, and tater tots. There’s enough for at least a meal and a half in there, if not two small breakfasts.

You might be able to eat half and take the rest home to save for later. Let’s be honest, though: by the time you think of this, it’s probably already mostly gone.

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Best: Skillet Porridge Oatmeal

Porridge and fruit in a white bowl.

One of the healthiest options on the menu. |

Oatmeal is possibly one of the most underutilized weight loss foods on every restaurant menu in America. The Gaines’ version — steel-cut oatmeal topped with fresh fruit, honey, and pecans — might be one of the healthiest items on the menu.

Oats, fruit, and pecans all contain significant amounts of fiber, essential for good digestive health and helpful when trying to kick high-calorie food cravings.

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Worst: Farm Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict on a roll.

Eggs Benedict might be too heavy a meal. |

Similar to the French Toast Breakfast, there’s a lot of food here. The dish starts with two biscuits and then goes downhill from there. An egg, bacon don’t seem like a lot, but the entire thing gets dressed up in Hollandaise sauce and chives. Beware the sneaky sauce!

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Best: Kind Breakfast

A plate of toast, avocado, eggs and tomatoes.

This breakfast is light and nutritious. | InaTs/iStock/Getty Images

The Kind Breakfast features two scrambled eggs, wheat toast, and fresh greens topped with tomatoes and avocado. This high-protein breakfast is both light and all-around good for you. It’s really as kind as its name implies.

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Worst: Fresh OJ

Orange juice in a glass.

Orange juice is full of sugar. |

Orange juice is not as healthy as you think, no matter how fresh. It’s not as questionable as soda — there’s nothing wrong with fruit sugar. But an orange does lose a lot of its nutritional value when you squeeze all the juice out of it and leave the rest behind.

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Best: House Tomato Basil Soup

white bowl filled with tomato and basil soup.

You might want to order the restaurant’s tomato soup. |

Soup is often high in sodium, which is why many people stay away from it. The canned stuff is much more problematic than anything homemade, though. Soup made with home-grown tomatoes, garlic, and basil is both light and extremely nutritious. Enjoy and savor it.

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Worst: Chip’s Ham Sandwich

A croissant with eggs and ham.

This sandwich makes for a very fattening breakfast. | Kyue001/iStock/Getty Images

What could possibly go wrong with a ham sandwich? It’s not the worst thing you could order while eating out. But adding two scrambled eggs on top of the grilled ham and cheddar croissant — and serving it all with tater tots — seems like a bit much. Sorry, Chip.

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Best: House BLT

A BLT with tomato.

A delicious sandwich that isn’t filled to the brim with fattening ingredients. |

This simple BLT probably just like a fresh-made sandwich should — and it’s good for you, too. Bacon, lettuce, and tomato served on sourdough bread with mayonnaise gives you a little bit of salt, a little bit of spice, and a whole lot of a healthy crunch.

Next: You can definitely trust this beef.

Best: Gaines Brothers Burger

A burger and chips on a table.

It’s okay to order the burger sometimes. | Beth Hall/iStock/Getty Images

When it comes to burgers, Chip and Joanna Gaines do it right. Their grass-fed beef pairs well with fresh vegetables and spicy flavorings. With a side of actually-almost-good-for-you kettle cooked chips, you’re in for a satisfactory treat.

Next: Be mindful of your drink.

Worst: Alabama Sweet Tea

Iced tea and lemon on a counter.

Opt for water instead. | iStock

To wrap up, if and when you ever order a drink to go with your brunch — here or at any other restaurant — it’s probably best to stay away from anything with “sweet” in its name. You can order the tea unsweetened, but you’d have to specify.

Sweetened drinks just don’t live up to the rest of all the great things Magnolia Table has to offer. Save your calories for the meal itself.

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