The Best (and Worst) Royal Weddings in History

Royal weddings are nothing short of spectacular. From the historic venues to the sparkling crown jewels to the stunning wedding gowns (and, sometimes second wedding gowns), royal families around the world pull out all the stops to celebrate love. However, not all royal weddings go according to plan.

We count down to the best (page 12) and worst (page 15) royal weddings in history, ahead.

12. Crown Prince Pavlo and Crown Marie-Chantal Miller

Crown Prince Pavlo and Crown Marie-Chantal Miller wedding day.

Their royal wedding will go down in history. | Andrew Winning/Getty Images

In 1995, the Crown Prince of Greece married Marie-Chantal Miller at St Sophia’s Cathedral in Bayswater, London. With around 1,400 guests in attendance, the wedding ceremony reportedly cost Miller’s billionaire father around $1.5 million. Combined with the receptions and celebrations, the entire ordeal cost around $8 million. Talk about extravagant!

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11. King Abdullah bin Al-Hussein and Queen Rania

The wedding day of King Abdullah bin Al-Hussein and Queen Rania.

The wedding fit for two royals. | love Jordan via YouTube

Often described as the “epitome of modern royalty,” King Abdullah bin Al-Hussein and Queen Rania’s love story is nothing short of a fairy tale. The couple’s wedding night consisted of royals from all over the world, multiple wedding gowns, a ginormous cake, traditions, and a whole lot of love.

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10. Christopher O’Neill and Princess Madeleine

Christopher O’Neill and Princess Madeleine's wedding day.

Christopher O’Neill and Princess Madeleine had a lovely wedding. | Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images

In 2013, Sweden’s Princess Madeleine and American financier Christopher O’Neill wed at the Royal Chapel in Stockholm Palace. The princess was escorted down the aisle by her father King Carl XVI Gustaf and the entire event was broadcast on TV for all of Sweden to see.

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9. Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson

Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson's wedding ceremony.

Their wedding ceremony was to die for. | Historical Events via YouTube

Despite a scandalous marriage, Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson had a very stable relationship at the time of their 1986 wedding. The couple married at Westminster Abbey and then took to the balcony at Buckingham Palace for a traditional kiss in front of the public. It was surely a day to remember.

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8. Captain Mark Phillips and Princess Anne

Captain Mark Phillips and Princess Anne posing together on their wedding day.

A wedding with tons of happy guests. | Coutureandroyals via Instagram

At the time of their wedding, it was fairly uncommon for a royal to marry a commoner. But, that didn’t stop the queen’s only daughter from marrying Olympic equestrian Captain Mark Phillips. The two were wed at Westminster Abbey in London and followed traditional royal wedding protocol — only, upon his marriage to Princess Anne, Phillips declined a royal title.

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7. Prince Edward and Sophie Rhys-Jones

Prince Edward and Sophie Rhys-Jones in their wedding carriage.

Prince Edward and Sophie Rhys-Jones had an intimate and open wedding. | Mike Simmons/Getty Images

Unlike other royal weddings, the wedding of Prince Edward and Sophie Rhys-Jones was a private affair for friends and family members only. That said, it was still televised. Their nuptials took place in the iconic St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle and millions of viewers watched as the queen’s son and daughter-in-law said “I do.”

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6. Antony Armstrong-Jones and Princess Margaret

Princess Margaret and Antony Armstrong-Jones greeting the public on their wedding day.

Princess Margaret and Antony Armstrong-Jones had the first-ever televised wedding. | AFP/Getty Images

Nothing beats the first televised royal wedding! On their wedding day, Antony Armstrong-Jones — a British fashion photographer and commoner — and Princess Margaret were joined by two million virtual guests who got to experience a royal wedding in depth for the first time ever.

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5. King George VI and Queen Elizabeth I

King George VI and Queen Elizabeth I on their wedding day.

All eyes were on the royal couple. | The Royal Family via Instagram

Another iconic royal wedding? King George VI and Queen Elizabeth I’s! The queen’s parents met when they were children and went on to become lifelong friends (and eventually partners). They married in 1923 in Westminster Abbey, where many British royal weddings have taken place.

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4. Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles

Camilla Parker-Bowles and Prince Charles arrive at Lacock Cyraiax Church.

They finally tied the knot. | Carl de Souza/AFP/Getty Images

Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles may have had a long and rocky road to the altar, but the future king finally married the love of his life in a small civil ceremony at the Windsor Guildhall, followed by a traditional blessing at St. George’s Chapel.

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3. Prince Rainier and Grace Kelly

Prince Rainier III of Monaco and US actress Grace Kelly wedding.

The wedding dress was incredible. | AFP/Getty Images

Is there anyone more iconic than Grace Kelly? We think not. The American actress had a real life fairy tale wedding when she married Prince Rainier of Monaco.

Her dress was a gift from MGM and took 30 seamstresses six weeks to make, her veil was 90 yards long, the couple’s wedding cake was topped with a bird cage and real doves, the guest list was star-studded — need we go on?

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2. Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip

Princess Elizabeth's wedding to Prince Phillip.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip shared a memorable wedding day. | AFP/Getty Images

One of the best royal weddings in history goes to Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip. The life long lovers married at the iconic Westminster Abbey and received thousands of well-wishes — in the form of gifts and telegrams — from all over the world.

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1. Best: Prince William and Kate Middleton

Britain's Prince William places a wedding ring on kate middleton's finger.

This wedding was watched all over the world. | Dave Thompson/AFP/Getty Images

How do you top the queen’s wedding? By marrying your college girlfriend — and commoner — in front of millions of people. Prince William met Kate Middleton while at University and fell in love. Fortunately for him, the queen approved of his commoner girlfriend and he was given the greenlight to marry.

From the dress to the historic wedding venue to the balcony kiss, the royal couple’s wedding was nothing short of a fairy tale.

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3. Prince Charles and Princess Diana

Prince Charles and Princess Diana kiss on their wedding day.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana didn’t go perfectly as planned. | Getty Images

Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s wedding may have been dubbed the wedding of the century, but there were quite a few mishaps. For one, Prince Charles allegedly cried the night before his wedding because he felt an immense amount of pressure to marry Diana, despite still being in love with his former girlfriend, Camilla Shand (aka, Camilla Parker Bowles).

In addition to Charles emotions, Princess Diana said the wrong name at the altar. While it was nowhere near as bad as Ross Geller’s infamous name swap, it was still pretty bad. Instead of saying “Charles Philip,” the late princess accidentally called him “Philip Charles.” Oops!

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2. Emperor Puyi and Empress Gobulo Wan Rong

Emperor Puyi and Empress Gobulo Wan Rong in footage of a ceremony.

The wedding that was memorable for the oddest reason. | Arnoldo Armanafa via YouTube

As the emperor of China, it was only natural that Puyi and his young bride Gobulo Wan Rong have a grand celebration. And while their nuptials were marked with Chinese traditions — including, a ritual meal of dumplings and noodles (to represent children and longevity) — their wedding night was nothing short of disastrous.

According to History, Puyi was overwhelmed by the celebrations and fled the scene, which leads historians to believe that the marriage was never consummated.

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1. Worst: Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson

Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson smiling together in front of a building.

Wallis Simpson and Edward VIII had unusual honeymoon plans. | Central Press/Stringer/Getty Images

Abdicating the British throne may seem like a grand romantic gesture, but in Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson’s case, it is not. When the former king (and brother of King George VI) fell in love with American socialite and divorcee Wallis Simpson, it was against royal rules to marry someone who had been divorced, but that didn’t stop Edward from following his heart.

In order to marry the love of his life, Edward VIII abdicated the throne. And, get this: The no longer royal couple had a romantic honeymoon in the Third Reich and were even caught giving the Nazi salute. Yikes!

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