The 3 Best Colors to Wear on a First Date

A coupe on a first date

A coupe on a first date | Source: iStock

The day you’ve been patiently waiting for is finally here. You’re about to get ready for your first date with someone you’ve been crushing on for a long time. As you go through the items in your closet to pick an outfit, you try to find an ensemble that will make you look the most appealing. Before you decide what to wear, remember that your color choice matters.

“… We respond to [color] messages viscerally. Color can be arresting, stimulating, soothing or jarring, enticing or incendiary,” said color consultant Mimi Cooper.

Make a good impression. Here are three colors you’ll want to wear on your first date.

 1. Blue

man wearing a blue shirt

Wearing blue on a first date can make a good impression | Source: iStock

A study conducted by researcher Joe Hallock at the University of Washington found that blue is a favorite among both men and women. Roughly 33% of women and 57% of men said blue was on top of their list of favorite colors. Study participants said they associate the color with security, high quality, and dependability. Furthermore, color expert Catherine Shovlin says blue has a tendency to increase mental activity. So if you’re looking for stimulating conversation, blue may help things along. Some shades of blue also have a calming effect, and may help put your date at ease, according to color expert Keeley Fox:

“[Blue] invokes rest and can cause the body to produce chemicals that are calming; however not all blues are sedate. Electric or brilliant blues become dynamic and dramatic, an engaging color that expresses exhilaration.”

2. Black

man wearing a black suit

Wearing black on a first date will elicit a strong emotional reaction | Source: iStock

Black elicits strong emotional reaction. Research psychologist Richard G. Lewis says black is an influential color as well as a color of mystery. The color black communicates power. Furthermore, color expert Mabel Weaver notes that black is also a favored color because it can hide imperfections. Just like the blue, Hallock’s study participants rated black as a hue they associated with high quality. The color black beat out blue when it came to perception of quality (43% versus 20%).

“Pretty much anything goes with black; it sets specific contrast associations when paired with other colors. Black can be an extremely influential color …  It’s the color of mystery, of things not yet revealed. It is a strong, unequivocal color,” Lewis said.

3. Red

a man wearing a blue suit and a red tie

Red is often associated with desire, craving, sex, and intensity | Source: iStock

If you want to get your date’s full attention and inspire sexy thoughts, wear red. Most experts agree red is the color of passion. Lewis says the color can have a physical impact by making pressure, pulse, and respiratory rates increase. It is a stimulating color often associated with desire, craving, sex, and intensity.

“Red promotes images and emotions of excitement, drama, urgent passion, strengths, assertiveness, and is an appetite stimulant,” said Lewis.

While it is important to choose your colors carefully, also remember to pay attention to your overall look. Don’t forget basics like having neat hair, clean nails, and clothes that are free from noticeable wrinkles. Your first date is an opportunity to put your best foot forward. Show respect for your companion by taking pride in your appearance and making sure not to forget the details.

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