What Foods Help Get Rid of Cellulite? 10 Cellulite Busting Foods to Try

If you’re on the prowl for effective ways to get rid of cellulite, you might want to take a closer look at your diet. While exercising and various at-home treatments — such as foam rolling and dry brushing — can help reduce its appearance, switching up your diet to incorporate the best foods for cellulite can also help. Curious to know what foods help get rid of cellulite? We share ten healthy foods to incorporate into your diet, ahead.

Raw salmon fillet

Omega-3 fatty acids found in salmon can help reduce the look of cellulite. | OlenaMykhaylova/iStock/Getty Images

The best foods for cellulite

Many favorite food items can lead to cellulite or make it worse. However, there are a handful of ingredients and things that can help reduce the look of cellulite, too. Take a look at the best foods for cellulite, below.


Herbs such as cilantro pack a serious health punch. In addition to its beneficial vitamins and minerals, cilantro promotes detoxification in the body and can ultimately help reduce excess fat storage. As a result, cellulite might appear less noticeable.

Green tea

Green tea can do wonders for the body, including cellulite reduction. Not only does the popular morning beverage help boost metabolism, but it also regulates glucose and inhibits fat absorption, too. On top of that, green tea contains theobromine, a component that can release stored fats. To see results from green tea, most recommend three to five cups of the potent beverage daily.


Thanks to an abundance of omega-3 fatty acids, nuts such as almonds can make a difference in skin health. As a result, the skin might appear plumper, smoother, and more wrinkle-free.


When it comes to collagen production, vitamin C is essential — and grapefruit boasts a ton of it. Vitamin C can brighten and tone the skin, as well as repair skin collagen, which can have a visible impact on cellulite.


Broccoli can benefit the body in numerous ways. But, its alpha lipoic acid is what makes it one of the best foods for cellulite. Because Alpha lipoic acid can prevent the hardening of collagen, it can stop cellulite production right in its tracks.


Another must-try vegetable for cellulite? Asparagus. The vegetable has beneficial anti-inflammatory properties (which can reduce bloat, making cellulite less noticeable). Also, it flushes cellulite-causing toxins from the body thanks to its ability to stimulate blood circulation.

Oily fish

Like nuts, oily fish contains beneficial fatty acids that can help reduce the look of cellulite. Salmon, in particular, can help the body metabolize fat and smooth out the look of skin.


It’s no secret that the wellness world loves turmeric. And while many celebrate its ability to decrease symptoms of arthritis, it can also help reduce the look of cellulite. Because turmeric stimulates circulation, gets rid of toxins, and reduces swelling in the body, it can make a difference in cases of cellulite.


Watermelon might offer excellent hydration, but that’s not the only way it reduces the look of cellulite. Thanks to lycopene — a potent antioxidant responsible for its color — watermelon can boost blood circulation, which ultimately has an impact on cellulite.


Looking for another fruit that can boost blood circulation? Bananas have you covered. In addition to blood flow — which can have a beneficial impact on cellulite reduction — bananas are also rich in zinc, which promotes healthier-looking skin.

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