5 of the Best Halloween Date Ideas

Now that fall is here and the air is turning a bit chilly (depending on where you live), you may be looking for fun things to do before it gets too cold to spend time outdoors. Halloween is a great day to celebrate the fall season and add a boost of creativity to your usual dating routine. Here are some fun Halloween date ideas.

1. Kill zombies

zombies from the walking dead

Zombies from the walking dead | AMC

Nothing can bring you closer than going on a zombie hunt. There are plenty of fun ways you and your date can practice your zombie apocalypse defense plan. There’s zombie paintball, zombie walks, and a ton of other activities to keep you entertained. Among the most interesting zombie events we found around the web are Zombie Park in Mount Gilead, Ohio; Zombie Thrill Ride in Suffolk, Virginia; and The Zombie Apocalypse Experience at Combat Zone Paintball in Las Vegas, Nevada. These activities don’t look like they’re for the faint of heart, so make sure you don’t scare easily before you sign up for one of these zombie hunts. You can find a state-by-state listing of zombie events at zombiefunnearyou.org.

2. Attend a Halloween parade

People walking toward haunted house

People walking toward a haunted house | Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood Facebook

What’s Halloween without a parade? Thanksgiving and Columbus Day aren’t the only times you can march around your town with floats and music. Many neighborhoods also host Halloween parades for residents where they can share food (and candy), dance, and have a good time. Get in a festive mood and join in on your nearest gathering. Dress up in your craziest or sexiest costume and just have fun. Keep on your costumes when you get home and do a little role playing.

3. Go pumpkin picking


Pumpkins | iStock.com

Who says picking pumpkins is just for the kiddies? Visit a pumpkin patch and have fun on a pumpkin picking trip. If you have trouble finding a nearby patch, you can visit pumpkinpatchesandmore.org for a state-by-state listing. After you’ve picked the perfect pumpkin, you can bake pumpkin pie and feed each other. Don’t forget the whipped cream.

4. Go on a hay ride

Young couples enjoying countryside

Couples enjoying a hay ride | iStock.com/Brian McEntire

If you like traditional October activities, take a trip to a farm and enjoy a hay ride. If things get too bumpy, you have an excellent excuse to hold each other close. And if a plain ol’ hayride sounds boring, go on a “haunted” hayride. A few that might be of interest are Haunted Woods Hayride (located throughout Massachusetts); Sleepy Hollow Haunted Hayride in Newtown, Pennsylvania; Fear Forest (this has both a haunted house and hayride), in Lordstown, Ohio, and Bates Motel and Haunted Hayride in Glenn Mills, Pennsylvania. Find your nearest haunted hayride when you visit HauntedHayrides.com.

5. Visit a “haunted” house

Silent House

Silent House | Source: Open Road Films, Universal Pictures

One well-known haunted house attraction is featured at Shocktober Fest, which was voted as one of the best extreme haunted attractions by USA Today. For a state-by-state haunted house listing, visit HauntedHouse.com. Just like with the zombie-related festivities, make sure you have nerves of steel before visiting one of these haunted house attractions. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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