Best Holiday Gifts: 9 Fitness Gifts Every Gym Goer Needs

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The great thing about vowing to get in shape is that you can do it with zero dollar cost. All you need is a few feet of space and your body weight. But let’s be real, bells and whistles never hurt anyone — especially when it’s 5 a.m. and every part of your body is yelling for you to hit snooze. With that in mind, here’s a look at exercise products every gym goer should ask for this holiday season.

1. Smart Rope

smart rope

Source: Smart Rope

Smart Rope ($89.99) is an LED embedded jump rope that works with your smartphone, displaying your active fitness data in mid-air as you work out. It works via embedded sensors that keep track of every jump and a Bluetooth radio that relays your fitness data to your smartphone via an accompanying app.

2. The Blizzard Jump Rope


Source: Aerospace


If multi-tasking, versus data, is more of interest checkout former boxing champion Michael Olajide, Jr.’s new jump rope. The celebrity trainer has long been using jumping rope as the base of his workout, and now you can perfect your double-unders while burning fat and building stamina with The Blizzard ($34.99), which comes with weighted handles.






3. Manduka

Source: Manduka

Manduka is the only yoga mat you’ll ever need, specifically their ultra-durable signature Black Mat PRO ($108). In fact it comes with a lifetime guarantee, and at 7.5 pounds you’re getting a workout carrying the mat before yoga class has even started.

4. Venture Series Belt

fitness belt

Source: Venture Series Belt

The Venture Series Belt from SPIbelt ($44.99) is SPIbelt’s latest release. Its most durable belt to date, it comes with two 8-ounce hydration companions, loops for gel packet and other nutrition packs on the go, a pocket that expands to hold any size smart phone (and other essentials), and is made of weather/sweat resistant material. Basically it’s so practical you won’t mind risking looking just a little bit goofy next time you head out for a run…

5. BerryBreeze


Source: BerryBreeze

Most gym-goers love juices, shakes, and smoothies but the amount of waste that comes with always having ingredients on hand for that workout concoction can be troublesome. Enter BerryBreeze ($49.98), which conveniently eliminates refrigerator bacteria, mold, and odors while extending the freshness of fruits and vegetables up to three times longer so you can tote your workout smoothie to the gym with a clear conscious (and extra cash in your wallet…).

6. Coffee Joulies


Source: Coffee Joulies

Time and time again we hear about the benefits of drinking coffee to fuel for a working out. Coffee Joulies ($59.95) make it all the more enjoyable. Joulies are small, stainless-steel capsules that you pop into your coffee to keep it at a drinkable temperature for hours — not minutes.

 7. Tracy Anderson Ankle Weights


Source: Tracy Anderson

Take any exercise routine to the next level by strapping on these 3-pound ankle weights ($20), which were developed by Tracy Anderson who recently launched a dedicated men’s program.

8. Sensoria Fitness

fitness tracker

Source: Sensoria Fitness

Sensoria Fitness makes smart socks ($399) that are adaptable to your feet, helping you run without suffering damages while improving your training. The socks work by connecting to an electric ankle brace which allows you to know the pressure of your feet, the strength, and if you are stepping with your heel or with your foot sole. They’re also connected to an app for real time audio and visual information.

9. Omegawave


Source: Omegawave

Omegawave ($154.90) assesses your readiness for various types of training allowing you to optimize when you’re doing what kind of training. It breaks the information down in easy to read detail: readiness of your central nervous system, your cardiac system, and your metabolic readiness. This is the perfect tool for any cross-trainer.

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