Can’t Find a Babysitter? Try These Kid-Friendly Date Ideas

If you’re the parent of young children, getting some time to yourself can be difficult. And if you’re back in the dating game, it can be twice as hard to go out and have a little fun. When you’re dating someone who also has kids, it can be challenging to be spontaneous. Time management is key, especially if you’re divorced, since you may have set times when you can send the kids back to their other home. The good news is, you can bring your children along on a date and still have fun when schedules collide. There are plenty of creative ways you can spend time with your partner while including the kids. Here are eight of the best kid-friendly dates.

1. Find your inner artist

art supplies

Letting out your inner artist is a great kid-friendly date. |

Are you feeling creative? Find an art studio and let the whole family paint a masterpiece. There are plenty of art classes tailored just for kids and adults. When you get home, you can display the children’s artwork throughout the house. One popular family art studio to consider is Color Me Mine. Click here for locations.

2. Have a family cook-off

dad eating breakfast with kids

Cooking with your kids and partner can be a blast. |

Cook up some family fun in the kitchen. Go to the grocery store and purchase ingredients for a main family meal, appetizers, and tasty desserts. Your meals don’t have to be fancy. You can make something as simple as a spaghetti dinner or a pancake breakfast. The possibilities are endless. Whomever makes the best meal wins a prize. You can even use clean-up time to bond. While you’re washing dishes, talk about the best part of your day and discuss your plans for the next day.

3. Play at the arcade

video games

Who doesn’t love video games? | Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Sharpen your gaming skills at the arcade. Your family will have plenty of fun games to choose from and snacks to enjoy. You can even go one step further and dress up as your favorite game characters. The best part is you don’t have to spend a ton of money at an arcade.

 4. Visit a museum


Culture the children with some great art work. |

Take the family to a museum. You’ll view new exhibits while helping your children see that educational activities can be fun. If traditional museums aren’t your thing, take the family to a children’s museum. Kid-friendly museums are often more interactive and have activities for the whole family.

5. Plan a picnic

family picnic

Yum, homemade food and fun in the sun. |

Head outdoors for some fun in the sun. Make sandwiches, grab some (non-alcoholic) drinks, and head to your local park for a picnic. You can read each other stories or play a game of your choice.

6. Go for a bike ride

woman and child riding bikes

If the kids are a bit antsy this is a great option. |

Are you in an adventurous mood? Explore your neighborhood while also fitting in some exercise. Grab your bikes and take a trip to parts of your neighborhood you’ve never seen before. At the end of your ride, you can go out for a family lunch.

7. Go on a camping trip — at home


If you have a backyard, use it for a camping trip. |

Who says you have to travel far away from home to have an adventure? Camp out in your backyard or even your living room. You can decorate your space with paper trees and stuffed animals. Make your environment come alive! And don’t forget the flashlights for when you tell scary stories.

8. Attend a parade or festival


A festival will keep everyone entertained. |

Parades are held year-round to celebrate different seasons and holidays. Many communities hold local fall and spring festivals, as well as parades for Thanksgiving, Columbus Day, and even Halloween. You can start planning now for upcoming festivals. If you have the time, venture outside your community and plan a weekend festival getaway with your partner and your kids. One festival you may want to check out is the National Cherry Blossom Festival, which is held each March in Washington, D.C.

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