Best Love Tester: Which Love Calculator Really Works?

Couple relaxing on a sofa together smiling at a tablet.

Using a love test could at least prove to be a bonding experience for couples |

How did couples know they were in love before smartphones? Using a love calculator is a fun way to pass the time, and can even help you make a tough choice between two suitors. But which is the best love tester? Which one will help you best determine if your partner is “The One”?

There’s a love calculator out there for everyone, so we examined the 11 best love tester apps to help you find the one destined to be yours.

1. Love Test

Screenshot of the Love Test app homescreen.

Love Test | Acogame

Acogame. Android.

Perhaps the best love tester based on reviews and rating, Love Test is a good place to start. As one of the older love calculator apps — this version is from 2014 — it helped define the entire category and inspired plenty of second-rate apps in its mold. Love Test is simple and easy to use. You start by typing in both your and your crush’s names, select both of your zodiac signs, and then the app gives your connection a percentage rating.

2. Love Test Calculator

Love Test Calculator home screen

Love Test Calculator | Advanced Mobile Applications Ltd.

Advanced Mobile Applications Ltd. iOS.

The Love Test Calculator app offers a few additional features on top of the traditional love calculator. You can still calculate your compatibility percentage based on names and birthdays, with the added bonus of receiving a more detailed explanation of your relationship beyond a mere number. But the real beauty of this app is that it offers extra activities for couples — tests for two, challenges, and even dares.

3. Real Love Test

A phone running the Real Love Test app

Real Love Test | Lemonapp

Lemonapp. Android.

Another option for the best love tester apps is fingerprint scanning, which Real Love Test does well. Simply place your thumb and the thumb of your partner in the select areas, and then wait for the scan to calculate your compatibility percentage. Just don’t use both of your own thumbs like some people in the reviews — you may be disappointed in how much you love yourself.

4. Love Lab True Love Tester

Results diplayed in the Love Lab True Love Tester app.

Love Lab True Love Tester | Bulk SMS Software Bulk SMS Software. Android.

The Love Lab True Love Tester uses the guise of science to justify its results, and the laboratory is an ongoing theme with the app. Regardless of where it gets its conclusions from, this app is popular because it breaks down your compatibility into different “cases” like reliability and passion.

5. iHeart Love Compatibility Match Calculator

Results displayed on the iHeart Love Compatibility Match Calculator app

iHeart Love Compatibility Match Calculator | RFAM Group LLC

RFAM Group LLC. iOS.

The iHeart Love Compatibility Match Calculator takes a somewhat different approach, with a three-pronged analysis strategy: name numerology, zodiac signs, and Chinese birth year signs. We commend this app not only for being open about their algorithm, but also for actually having one.

6. Real Love Test Calculator

The Real Love Test Calculator app opened on a smartphone.

Real Love Test Calculator | Vivek Warde

Vivek Warde. Android.

The Real Love Test Calculator is another app that uses names and birthdays to determine your love score. However, what sets it apart from other love tests is the ability to “cast” a “love spell.” Can this Android app really work magic? Maybe not, but there’s something to be said for positive thinking.

7. My Love Test

A screenshot of the My Love Test app displaying a soulmates level pairing.

My Love Test | Just Fun Apps

Just Fun Apps. Android.

Another simple and straightforward love calculator, My Love Test determines your compatibility score based only on your names. What makes this one of the best love tester apps is that it’s so simple. The visuals are simple, the usage is simple, and there’s no ads or distractions. Just the kind of fun time-wasting apps that we love.

8. Love Test 2016

Love Test 2016 displayed on a smartphone

Love Test 2016 | GreenTomatoMedia

GreenTomatoMedia. iOS.

One of the best rated and reviewed apps on the list, Love Test 2016 features great graphics and in-depth descriptions of matches. If you’re looking for something more than just a percentage, this app breaks down your relationship into categories and individually scores each. It also gives a text explanation of your connection, and even a little relationship advice.

9. Girl Boy Love Test Calculator

A potential match loaded in the Girl Boy Love Test Calculator app.

Girl Boy Love Test Calculator | Aqua Tools Apps

Aqua Tools App. Android.

Choose between photo matches, thumb matches, or simply name matches in the Girl Boy Love Test Calculator. Just don’t take the results too seriously. As the app description plainly states, this is a “totally fake application.”

10.💖 Love test 💖

A screenshot of the Love Test app main menu

Love Test | hack wifi

hack wifi. Android.

A rather ambitious love calculator, Love test examines names, birthdays, real images, and fingerprint scans to determine compatibility. You can, of course, share your results on social media. Although, if you still get a low score after all those indicators, you may not want to.

11. Love Quiz!

A screenshot of a question from the Love Quiz! app.

Love Quiz! | Alpha Studios

Alpha Studios. iOS.

Last on the list, we have a love tester that gets a little more personal than the rest. Love Quiz! is actually a series of questions that you answer with your partner, alternating turns to answer in private and then comparing your responses at the end. It’s a variation of the classic Newlywed Game, but one you can play on your phone. Of all the love calculator apps, this one is the most accurate —  and most likely to bring couples closer together.

Of course, digital love tests aren’t for everyone. If you prefer a more realistic approach rooted in psychology, read our article 7 Signs You Have Found Your Soul Mate now.