Best Men’s Running Gear to Help You Finish That Last Mile

Running is one of the best and most convenient ways to stay fit. Not only is it easy to get started, but it’s also free, and you can do it just about anywhere.

While you don’t need any special equipment to start running, having a few key pieces of gear can make it a lot more comfortable. Here are our picks for must-have items for runners.


Nike Pegasus

Source: Paragon Sports

The most important piece of gear in any runner’s closet is a good pair of shoes. If your shoes don’t fit right, or the soles aren’t properly cushioned for running, you could be in for a world of pain.

These shoes from Nike are constructed with runners in mind. The tops are made from a breathable mesh that keeps the air flowing, and the multi-layered soles are designed around the contours of your feet. They’ll keep your body in top shape whether you’re just starting out or zeroing in on your next marathon. Buy a pair here.

Short-Sleeved Shirt

UA Short Sleeve

Source: Under Armour

If you wear a regular cotton t-shirt on a run, you’ll probably finish up feeling like you’re draped in a sticky wet towel. A modern sweat-wicking shirt designed for workouts like this one is much more comfortable.

Not only is it made of ultra-thin, breathable material, but it’s also stretchy enough that you’ll never feel constricted, no matter how long of a stride you have. It even has built-in anti-odor technology to keep you smelling fresh. Buy a few here to make running a regular part of your routine.


Saucony Interval Running shorts

Source: Paragon Sports

Whatever shorts you run in, they won’t stay fresh for long. But a pair of workout shorts like these will hold up a lot better than anything else.

They’re lightweight and flexible, with a boxer brief lining that’s designed to prevent chafing and to wick sweat to keep you dry. They even have a zippered pocket in the back, perfect for holding your keys or any other item you need to bring with you on a run. Buy a pair here.

Long-Sleeved Shirt

UA Long Sleeve

Source: Under Armour

The great thing about running is that you can do it anywhere at any time. But if it gets cold where you live, you’ll need special running gear to get you through the winter. This long-sleeved shirt from Under Armour is designed to keep you warm as the temperature drops.

It’s built with patented ColdGear Infrared technology, a thermal coating that maintains your body heat much better than a standard shirt. It’s also made from a specialized stretchy fabric that wicks sweat and fights the growth of odor-causing microbes. Buy a few here.

Warm-Up Pants

UA Pants

Source: Under Armour

You wouldn’t think pants this light would be able to keep you warm. You’d be wrong. With a knit fabric outside and a sweat-wicking inside, these pants are designed to maintain your body heat as they keep the sweat off your skin.

They also look fantastic, with tapered legs and elastic cuffs that prevent them from catching any of the cold wind during your run. Don’t let winters slow you down. Buy a pair here.

Wireless Earbuds

wireless earbuds

Source: Outdoor Tech

There’s nothing like listening to a great playlist or podcast as you run. To do that without wires getting in your way, you’ll need a set of Bluetooth earbuds like these from Outdoor Tech.

They’re sweat-proof, so you don’t have to worry about them malfunctioning by mile two, and they have built-in buttons to let you adjust the volume and change tracks. They even have a microphone, so you can take calls without missing a beat. Buy a pair here.

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