Bizarre Headache Remedies That Actually Work

Headaches are not only annoying, but some can bring you to your knees. Dealing with a headache is commonplace too as nearly half of adults have experienced a headache at least once a year, according to the World Health Organization.

While irritation and pain from the average headache is frustrating, migraine headaches can be debilitating. Symptoms include nausea, light and sound sensitivity, as well as pain. At least one in seven adults deal with a migraine, which may include the use of pain medication. Not all treatment may work the same for everyone, which is why it may be worth your while to investigate some unconventional therapies. The treatment on page 8 may seem odd, but can actually provide fast relief.

1. Body compression

Palm acupressure treatment | sb-borg/iStock/Getty Images

In some cases adding compression to certain parts of your body may give you headache relief. Buzzfeed users share some of their experiences with how compression worked for their headache pain.

One reader said squeezing the flat area between the thumb and forefinger, really hard, gave relief. Another found pinching the area on the ear called the daith helped. Or you could get that area pierced too.

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