7 Ways to Blast Away Holiday Weight Gain in No Time

From homemade eggnog to sugary treats galore, the holidays can be quite a doozy. For the past several weeks, you’ve been living it up, so now it’s time to get back to something a little healthier. And now that it’s time to swap feasting for fitness, you’ll want to keep some go-to tips in your back pocket. Say goodbye to those elastic-waist-pants, and get ready to slip back into those skinny jeans. Here are seven ways to blast away holiday weight gain.

1. Leave the leftovers behind

man reaching into fridge late at night

Don’t take the leftovers home. | iStock.com

It would be wasteful to toss food in the trash, but keeping holiday leftovers around isn’t doing much for your waistline, either. An easy way to get rid of your holiday leftovers is to bring them into the office for your coworkers or send them with your kids to share at school. That way, Glamor says, you won’t be tempted by that cheesecake every time you open the fridge.

2. Do some redecorating

couple moving a TV

Give your home a new look. | iStock.com

If your personal health gets a fresh start every year, it’s time to give your home a little love. And rearranging your furniture can revamp more than just your floor plan. According to Health, moving furniture can burn up to 500 calories per hour. So, once you’ve packed up all your holiday decorations and returned them to the attic, go nuts. Spruce up every room in your house, making a point to try as many options as possible. The more you move, the more you burn.

3. Do a 3-day detox

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Give your insides a little love. | iStock.com

A quick detox is a great way to jump start your journey back to that pre-holiday bod. You’ve been eating and drinking a lot for weeks, which has caused some excess weight gain. So, now the time has come to shed those extra pounds and lose that belly fat. And a detox is just the thing to whip your butt into high gear.

Prevention’s 3-Day Diet Detox Plan is a good choice. In just a few days, you’ll be kicking holiday habits and setting yourself up for success. You’ll kick the urge to splurge on sweets by eliminating foods high in sugar and fat so you relearn natural cravings. You’ll swap huge portions of high-calorie foods for healthy servings of low-calorie, high-fiber foods. You’ll also ditch high-cal cocktails — for obvious reasons.

4. Make weekly resolutions

Man wearing gym clothes and a gym bag grabs fruit and a bottle of water for after his workout

Make little goals for yourself. | iStock.com

On the flip side, if you’re more inclined to start off slowly rather than diving in headfirst with a detox, commit to making small changes over time. In the spirit of New Year’s, Reader’s Digest suggests making weekly resolutions rather than trying to overhaul your entire diet overnight. You’re more likely to stick to small changes you incorporate into your lifestyle on a gradual basis since it’s so much less daunting than putting too many restrictions on your diet if you’ve been unhealthy for some time.

5. Catch up on sleep

Man sleeping in his bed

Take a load off. | iStock.com/tommaso79

When the holiday season ends, so too does your sleep deprivation. Kiss those sleepless nights and tired days goodbye, because you’ve done your duty and fulfilled your holiday-related obligations. Now that everyone else has been taken care of, it’s time to take care of yourself once again. Getting enough shuteye each and every night is good for your overall health. Plus, insufficient sleep could put you at a greater risk for weight gain, which is great news for anyone looking for an excuse to catch some more Zs. Hit the hay earlier to not only curb late night snacking, but also ensure your cortisol levels, and appetite, stay in check.

6. Swap candy for a piece of fruit

Fresh organic farmers market fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables | iStock.com/Elenathewise

This probably sounds way easier than it actually is. But seeing as sweet temptations are plentiful throughout the holiday season, you’ve likely become accustomed to grabbing a bite-size chocolate here and a homemade cookie there. The good news is the days of candy bowls lurking around every living room corner tend to come to a screeching halt after New Year’s. Every time you’d normally pop a piece of candy into your mouth, trade it in for a healthier option. If you haven’t used up all your apples for that famous apple crisp recipe of yours, take the opportunity to stash ready-to-eat slices in the fridge (read: exception to tip #1). PureWow says sweet fruit will help curb your craving for sugary treats.

7. Go play outside

man cross-country skiing in front of winter landscape

Man cross-country skiing | iStock.com/med_ved

One of the greatest things about the outdoors is you’ll likely loose a few pounds doing your activity of choice. Despite sometimes harsh weather, January is the perfect time to get creative outside, all while burning some serious calories. And the gym doesn’t have anything on winter’s best outdoor workouts. Even tasks you may not have been pumped about before could serve as some serious cardio. Did you know you can burn up to 500 calories for every 80 minutes of shoveling? Couple the sweating power of winter sports with the natural beauty of the season, and working your way back to a healthier you is a breeze.