Bored with the Gym? 6 Exciting Winter Workouts to Try

rock climbing

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Winter workouts get boring. We are less motivated to head to the gym, don’t care much about what we look like under our winter layers, and are generally more apathetic about being proactive compared to summer months. Still, it’s important to fit in daily exercise that lifts your mood and gets you outside.

This doesn’t mean you need to man up and run six miles in the blistering cold or create a monotonous routine that bores you half to death. Take it upon yourself to spice up the chilled winter months by doing something you’d never normally do.

We’ve rounded up some of the most adventurous winter workouts that should be on your bucket list this season.

1. Fat-tire biking

Fat bikes float over almost any terrain, making them a fantastic option for outdoor winter biking. The fat-tire bike was created to use in the winter, but the bike has an almost cult-like following of people who ride year round, including on rocky mountains and trails. It’s a fun alternative to a normal mountain bike and feels like you’re playing rather than getting in a great workout.

2. Rock climbing

Seriously hate the cold weather, but looking for an adventurous workout? Head to your local rock climbing gym. In a rock climbing gym, you are in a completely new environment, have the challenge of reaching the top AND getting a killer workout throughout it all. Who knows, after a season of indoor climbing, you may be inclined to take your hobby outdoors. You can burn up to almost 650 calories per hour and rock climbing is an awesome strength and cardio workout.

3. Snow kayaking

This is a new one. Snow kayaking is exactly how it sounds: kayaking over the snow. The difference with snow kayaking is that you kayak down a hill to gain speed and momentum. You can actually even kayak over trails, but you’ll find the kayak be more difficult to maneuver. Add wax to the bottom of your kayak to gain some speed.

4. Ice skating/hockey

ice skating

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Ice skating isn’t just for children and their parents over the holidays. Ice skating is a seriously great workout that allows you to travel outside of your normal gym realm. You work muscles in your hips, knees, ankles and core you don’t typically work at any other time. It’s a low-impact exercise that relies on flexibility, agility, and quickness. You may not be the best at ice skating, but even beginners can burn a significant amount of calories. If you want something a bit more intense, round up your friends for a game of ice hockey at a rink or frozen lake. Like skating, hockey works hidden muscles, keeps your mind focused, and utilizes your core and arms because you hold a stick and hit a puck.

5. Snowshoeing

On the next snowy winter day, head out with a friend and go snowshoeing. You can snowshoe on any trail, and it will feel like you are truly in a winter wonderland. You can burn more calories snowshoeing than running because you lift your legs much higher and your body works harder to keep you warm. Snowshoeing is low impact and forces you to get outside and enjoy nature with those you love.

6. Curling

Curling is having a moment.¬†It’s no longer an old person’s sport because of its low impact; many younger people use curling as an excuse to socialize, have a few beers, and get in a bit of exercise. Touted as shuffleboard on ice, you can burn up to 265 calories per hour curling. Many communities have local curling clubs; research one today and get in on the action! This is perfect to do with a significant other.

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