The 1 Breakfast Food Kate Middleton Swears By (Plus, Her Usual Morning Routine)

Have you ever wondered what it’s really like to be a member of the royal family? At formal events, they all look and behave like royalty. On the average day, though, they’re a lot like us. Kate Middleton’s morning routine, for example, probably isn’t all that different from yours, especially if you’re a working parent like she and her husband.

The Duchess of Cambridge starts her mornings with a healthy juice recipe she can’t seem to get enough of. There’s one special ingredient she swears makes it worth preparing — and you’ve probably never heard of it. Here’s how this breakfast keeps her going strong and looking amazing.

1. Spinach

Fresh spinach

This leafy green is a staple of her breakfest juice. |

Adding spinach to her breakfast juice of choice provides the duchess with plenty of vitamin C and other nutrients to keep her healthy all year round. This plant also provides small amounts of protein to give her breakfast an extra health boost.

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2. Blueberries

Glass of blueberry smoothie

Blueberries are delicious and heart-healthy. | baibaz/iStock/Getty Images Plus

Some find these berries too sour, but they’re not so bad when you mix them in with a healthy variety of complimentary flavors. Kate probably appreciates the flavor, but also the antioxidants and heart-healthy compounds.

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3. Kale

fresh green kale

All the hype aside, kale is really good for you. | jenifoto/iStock/Getty Images

Everyone’s pretty much over kale by now, probably because they realized its leaves aren’t all that magical. But Kate still loves to incorporate it into her breakfast to take advantage of its health benefits. Leafy green vegetables like kale are antioxidant powerhouses because of all the vitamins packed into them.

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4. Coriander, a.k.a. cilantro

Cilantro pesto in jars on wooden background

Cilantro pesto in a jar | Source: iStock

If you’re not one of those people who thinks cilantro tastes like soap, you might consider adding it to your food — or your juice. It’s no miracle herb, but it does contain certain chemical compounds that could be good for your skin.

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5. Spirulina

Spirulina is a great addition to smoothies. | iStock/Getty Images

This proclaimed “superfood” is really just super healthy algae. But it’s also a plant food that hails from the ocean, meaning in its natural form, it’s packed with vitamins and minerals.

It’s not a bad leaf to add to your juice or smoothie, like Kate does, as long as you don’t try to go on some kind of spirulina-exclusive algae diet.

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6. Oatmeal

overhad image of oatmeal with fruit and nuts

Oatmeal can be changed up depending on your diet. |

In preparation for her wedding, Kate followed a strict high-protein, low-carb diet. While pregnant, she changes things up, adding berry-rich oatmeal to her list of early morning breakfast options. Variety can’t hurt when you’re raising your own family of tiny royals.

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7. Along with her smoothie, Kate Middleton does a little bit of everything

Kate Middleton at Winery

She also stays incredibly active. | Fiona Goodall/AFP/Getty Images

A day in the life of Kate Middleton involves plenty of charity work, dog-walking, and parenting, as you might expect. She’s also a huge yoga enthusiast, which means she gets to (hopefully) start her day feeling relaxed and ready to do all the things the Duchess of Cambridge does best.

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