Breaking These Health Rules Can Lead to an Early Death

There are plenty of health rules that may seem easy to follow in theory, but difficult to adhere to in practice.

In fact, ignoring some of the biggest health rules may even possibly contribute to an early death in some cases. Just about every rule is relatively easy to follow, which means you can take control of your health right now. But did you know the rule on page 13 may have one of the biggest impacts on early death?

1. Exercising regularly

Moderate intensity cardio

Man exercising | Robert Daly/Getty Images

You probably know you should exercise to stay in shape, but did you know about direct health impacts? People who avoid physical activity are at a greater risk of developing type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and possibly some cancers, Hopkins Medicine reports. Harvard researchers recommend exercising 30 minutes per day. Adding in exercise can contribute to living 10 years longer.

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