Britney Spears’ Workout Routine Is Intense, and These Instagram Photos of Her Body Prove It

Britney Spears is in better shape than ever thanks to a workout routine that is on fire. She’s been teasing her Instagram followers for some time with hot workout videos that show the moves that keep her strong.

She likes to mix it up and goes for the moves that incorporate several muscle groups in one. The workout video on page 5 is especially effective.

1. How to get a 2 for 1 workout

Britney Spears dancing with her partner.

A steamy dance session burns major calories. | Britney Spears via Instagram

Partner workouts are all the rage because both you and your gym partner can scorch calories and build muscle with a few moves. The sit-up kisses are especially sweet. Here’s another hot combo guaranteed to boost your heart rate.

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2. Dance your way to better abs

Britney Spears dancing in her workout room.

Dance your way to your dream bod. | Britney Spears via Instagram

Dance moves can help with build a strong core, while having fun. Grab your favorite Britney tune and move your body to the funky tempo.

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3. You don’t need a lot of equipment for an effective workout

Britney Spears using a kettle ball in a workout.

These workouts are perfect for busy people. | Britney Spears via Instagram

Spears uses a kettle ball, resistance bands, and a bar to hit the gluts and abs, as well as thighs and core. She’s an expert at doing two moves in one set to get the most from her workout.

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4. You only need some light hand weights to rock some of these moves

Britney Spears holding up dumbbells.

You don’t need to be a heavy lifter to get in shape. | Britney Spears via Instagram

A few light hand weights can fire up this workout and tone those trouble spots. Watch Spears’ form especially for the overhead triceps moves to avoid injury.

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5. Can you do this?

Britney Spears doing a yoga pose.

This backbend is an advanced pose. | Britney Spears via Instagram

Spears’ rocks some pretty effective moves, but check out the backbend she is casually doing in this video. She also seems to mix some yoga moves into her weight training too. The balance with weights move is one that takes time to master.

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6. Oops she did it again

Britney Spears doing yoga.

The singer keeps her body flexible. | Britney Spears via Instagram

More moves that hit multiple muscle groups, but this time Spears is really tapping into some yoga positions. She also uses a 10 pound kettle ball to hit the shoulders, triceps and back area. Check out the warrior position with toe touches to hit the obliges and hamstrings.

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7.  Spears flips for this move

Britney Spears doing a backflip with her trainer.

Britney Spears never stops challenging her body. | Britney Spears via Instagram

We may have found Spears’ favorite area to workout: her shoulders and triceps. But she also mixes it up in this video at the gym with a backflip.

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