52-Year-Old Brooke Shields Shows Off Her Bikini Body in These Photos

It has been over three decades since Brooke Shields cut a slim teenage figure in a pair of iconic Calvin Klein jeans. Now, at 52 years old, the actress/model is still showing off her seemingly ageless body for the cameras. In the new campaign for Swimsuits for All, Shields shows off her rocking bikini bod — and offers inspiration for women who may not always feel confident in their own skin (page 6).

For starters: The company

Brooke Shields in her photoshoot.

Brooke Shields has aged like a fine wine. | Brooke Shields via Instagram

If you have a fear of bathing suit season and aren’t familiar with Swimsuits for All, you’re seriously missing out. The brand “clothes” sizes 4 through 34 and offers a wide range of styles to choose from. They also offer a variety of cover-ups to complete anybody’s beach or poolside look.

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The campaign

Brooke Shields in a lace red dress.

Brooke Shields is extremely body positive.  | Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

Swimsuits for All’s latest campaign, Power Suit, is a body-positive take on feeling as confident in a bathing suit as one does in professional or business attire. (Hence the name.) Shields is one of five women featured in the campaign, which highlights the importance of feeling confident no matter what you are wearing.

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Shields’ shots

Brooke Shields in a car.

The model looks amazing for her age. | Brooke Shields via Instagram

Brooke Shields has previously shared her tips for staying in tip-top shape. (Exercise regularly, drink tons of water, the usual stuff.) So perhaps it’s no surprise that she looks phenomenal in Swimsuits for All’s new ad. In the promotional shots, Shields shows off her tight abs and sinewy legs in a red halter top bikini that epitomizes the term “power suit.”

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The video

Brooke Shields getting her hair and makeup.

She has fun with her work. | Swimsuits For All via Instagram

As if the glamorous promo photos weren’t enough, Swimsuits for All shot a fun promotional video for their Instagram account. The quick vid features Shields and company showing off their respective “power suits” and taking a dip in the pool, complete with Marlena Shaw’s “California Soul” playing in the background.

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Group shots

Brooke Shields photoshoot.

The brand hired models with all body types. | Swimsuits For All via Instagram

Since Swimsuits for All caters to all body types, they got an eclectic group of ladies to promote their new line. Shields is joined in the add by reality star Angela Simmons, nurse practitioner Katie Duke, 67-year-old professional swimmer Pat Gallant-Charette, and fellow model Ashley Graham. (Graham also regularly collaborates with the bathing suit company.)

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Shields’ inspirational attitude

Ashley Graham in a white swimsuit.

She has teamed up with the likes of Ashley Graham to spread their messages. | Swimsuits For All via Instagram

Each woman in the “Power Suit” campaign shares inspiring words as to what gives them body confidence. And leave it up to Brooke Shields to share a body-positive attitude that we all want to have. “I feel most confident when I’m showing my body instead of hiding it,” she says on the company’s website. “So to me, my power suit is something feminine, yet very strong.”

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Words of wisdom

Ashley Graham and Brooke Shields in swimsuits.

The brand works with a diverse set of models and influencers. | Brooke Shields via Instagram

Shields may be showing off her amazing figure. But in a statement for Swimsuits for All, she admits that she wasn’t always so confident. “Growing up under such scrutiny led me to feel insecure about my looks,” she says, adding that her true power suit is feeling good in her own skin. “I loved being able to share that with these women who have also come to that realization.”

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