Can Diet Improve Hair Growth? 11 Foods to Eat For Longer Hair

We might say ‘long hair, don’t care,’ but the reality is that we do care. That is especially true for those of us that have tried everything under the sun to achieve longer, thicker, more luscious locks. And while some shampoos, conditioners, treatments, and even beauty supplements promise longer, stronger strands, they’re no match for diet. Can diet improve hair growth? If you eat certain foods, it’s possible.

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Can diet improve hair growth? If you eat certain foods, it’s possible. |

According to the Mayo Clinic, eating a diet rich in specific nutrients can result in a better functioning body. That, in turn, leads to some visible signs of health, including shinier, stronger, and possibly longer hair. Curious to know what foods to eat for hair growth? We share 11 foods to add to your grocery list, ahead.


Healthy fats have received a lot of attention across the board for the way they nourish the body. But, did you know eating healthy fats could also lead to hair growth? In addition to fatty acids, avocado is abundant in vitamins B and E, which can help to strengthen the scalp and prevent hair loss and breakage. On top of that, eating avocados might lead to ultra shiny, smooth hair, as the fatty acids and vitamins found in the fruit can nourish and condition strands.


Leafy greens — specifically, spinach — can also lead to hair growth. Because spinach is high in vitamins C and A, they can promote healthy oil production and in turn nourish strands, condition the scalp, and create the ultimate environment for hair growth.

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Salmon is one of the best foods to eat for longer hair. | OlenaMykhaylova/iStock/Getty Images


Have you ever had a piece of salmon and immediately felt nourished from the inside out? That’s because salmon is chock full of essential nutrients that boast major benefits to the body. Omega-3 fatty acids are one of its most outstanding properties, as the body doesn’t make them on its own and they’re vital to healthy hair and skin. Since omega-3 fatty acids are beneficial to hair health, they could contribute to hair growth.


Chia seeds

Omega-3 fatty acids are not just essential to the body, they’re critical to hair health, too. And, there are a variety of ways to nourish your body inside out with them. Case in point: Chia seeds are abundant in omega-3 fatty acids and can promote a healthy scalp and hair — two essential factors in hair growth. Add them to your smoothie, oatmeal, or make chia seed pudding and reap the benefits of the super seed.

Sweet potato

If you love sweet potato fries, listen up! While fries are probably not the best option health-wise, the sweet potato factor could seriously benefit your strands. Roast them, mash them, bake them — no matter how you cook them they can provide the hair with beneficial nutrients such as vitamin A and beta-carotene, while can help protect hair from a dry and brittle fate. The stronger the hair is, the less likely it is to break off, which means eating hair-strengthening foods like sweet potatoes can lead to longer, stronger strands.

Sweet potato

Sweet potatoes contain beneficial nutrients for longer hair. | iStock

Yellow peppers

Speaking of breakage prevention, yellow peppers can also help. Yellow peppers are extremely rich in vitamin C — in fact, they about five times more vitamin C than oranges. That alone makes them one of the most important foods to eat for longer hair, as vitamin C can strengthen the hair follicles and prevent breakage.

Flax seeds

Similar to chia seeds, flax seeds contain omega-3 fatty acids that can nourish the scalp and strands from the inside out. Also, flax seeds are excellent sources of vitamin E and can help balance oil control. Sprinkle flax seeds over oatmeal or yogurt, or use ground flax seeds in your morning smoothing to reap the benefits of flax seeds for hair growth.

Sunflower seeds

Chia and flax seeds aren’t the only seeds that promote hair growth — sunflower seeds can, too. Since sunflower seeds are an excellent source of vitamin E, eating a handful of them can help provide the scalp and strands with deep nourishment. Also, vitamin E is known to enhance blood flow, which could also promote hair growth.

Hard boiled egg breakfast

Egg yolk is chock full of beneficial hair-growing nutrients. | budgaugh/iStock/Getty Images


If you want longer, stronger hair, don’t skip out on an egg breakfast. In addition to omega-3 fatty acids, eggs contain biotin — a beneficial nutrient known to promote hair growth. That said, most of the hair growing nutrients are in the yolk, not the whites. Eating too many egg whites (and not enough yolk) could cause the body to block biotin absorption altogether.


Seeds aren’t the only ones with hair-growing superpowers — nuts have them, too! Almonds, in particular, are ultra rich in biotin, which can lead to longer, stronger hair.



It might come as a surprise, but oysters are considered one of the best foods to eat for longer hair. Not only are they high in omega fatty acids, but they also contain an abundance of vitamin C, zinc, and calcium, which are vital to longer, stronger hair.

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