Cancer in Your House: 15 Innocent-Looking Household Items That Can Cause Cancer

You may not know it, but plenty of everyday household items¬†could contribute to your cancer risk. The objects you use to relax, eat, and play aren’t so innocent. Are any of these in your home? One living room staple, in particular, needs to go ASAP (page 10).

1. Your shower curtain

Shower curtain on shower curtain rod

This is one item you should never buy in bulk. |

  • Contains: PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and VOC (volatile organic compounds)
  • Use instead:¬†hemp, linen, birch, or cotton shower curtains

In 2008, American scientists requested that all shower curtains containing PVCs be banned from stores. Although these curtains are no longer sold, if you still have one in your bathroom, it likely leaked toxic, cancerous chemicals. Another culprit? The shower liner, which can emit 108 chemicals into the air.

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