Cazzie David Threw Major Shade at Pete Davidson With This Instagram Photo (Plus, the Craziest Thing He’s Already Done for Ariana)

Cazzie David and Pete Davidson seemed like the perfect match. Though comedian Larry David’s daughter managed to stay out of the spotlight with the Saturday Night Live star, they haven’t been so lucky lately. Pete has made his new relationship with Ariana Grande public, and now, we’re wondering how Cazzie feels.

Judging from her Instagram, it seems there may be bad blood between the exes. Here’s the shady Instagram photo she posted (page 6). And don’t miss the shocking (and completely permanent) way Pete is showing his love for Ariana (page 7).

1. Pete called Cazzie ‘the most beautiful girl in the world’ not long ago

Pete Davidson and Cazzie David on a red carpet.

The breakup shocked their fans. | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

It was April 2017 when Pete was caught gushing over then-girlfriend, Cazzie. Us Weekly recalls when the comedian told Entertainment Tonight, “She’s the most beautiful girl in the world. Look how lucky I am.” He continued on by calling her “so smart” and “a very, very wonderful lady.”

It seems Cazzie also helped Pete deal with issues regarding sobriety and his mental illness. Her support and love undoubtedly brought them closer together — but it seems the romance was cut short.

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2. Cryptic messages on his Instagram pointed to a rocky start to 2018

Pete Davidson speaking on stage.

Pete Davidson posted a cryptic tweet. | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Things seemed solid between Cazzie and Pete back in 2017. But once 2018 hit, fans of the couple noticed a few cryptic messages on his Instagram. Us Weekly reports Pete posted a photo of Cazzie and him looking ultra close as she held his hand and kissed his arm. The caption of the post read, “Idk what I did to make you hate me so much but I’m sorry.”

A source close to the couple said the caption was just a joke. But it seemed suspicious that just 20 minutes after posting, Pete deleted the photo altogether.

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3. After the breakup, Pete said ‘she’ll be fine’

Pete Davidson on a red carpet.

He also said this about this ex-girlfriend. | Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

Pete and Cazzie quietly split in May, Page Six reports. Though neither of them has elaborated on exactly what went wrong, it seems Pete had plenty of faith that Cazzie would be fine without him. As he said during his appearance on Open Late with Peter Rosenberg, “She’ll be great, she’ll be fine.”

We’re wondering if Cazzie was blindsided by the split, however, as early in May, she posted an adorable photo of her and then-boyfriend Pete to her Instagram with the caption, “Bffs.”

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4. Pete started ‘casually dating’ Ariana just days after his breakup

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande posing together.

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande made things Instagram-official. | Pete Davidson via Instagram

It didn’t take long for Pete to move on, as just days after his reported split from Cazzie, he was seen with Ariana. Bustle reports it’s likely the duo first met on Saturday Night Live back in 2016 when Ariana was hosting and starring as the musical guest. Though they were both in relationships at the time, it seems the stars aligned a few years later.

Not everyone was a fan of this duo’s casual dating, however. Since Ariana also just came out of a long relationship with Mac Miller, many wondered if both her and Pete were moving too fast.

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5. They finally made their relationship public with a few feisty Instagram photos

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson.

They even showed some major PDA. | Ariana Grande via Instagram

The relationship went from casual to serious in no time. The Cut reports a source said Ariana was seen hanging out with Pete and his mom on May 13. The source reported, “They seemed very lovey-dovey. He was hanging out with her and her friends with his arm around her.”

They made things even more public when they took to Instagram, too. Pete posted a photo of him and Ariana in Harry Potter-themed garb, and Ariana posted this saucy photo of her and her new boyfriend looking ultra close.

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6. This photo on Cazzie’s Instagram shows exactly how she’s feeling

Cazzie Davidson in Africa.

She appears somewhat unbothered. | Cazzie David via Instagram

It doesn’t look like Cazzie has spent too much time mourning the end of her relationship. She’s continued to post on Instagram post-breakup with Pete — and she even went to Africa. This particular photo of her on an African safari says it all, too. As she’s posing for the camera, she added the caption, “Been in Africa, what’d I miss??”

It’s possible Cazzie’s totally cool with the breakup and Pete’s quick moving on. But we think there’s definitely some shade behind that caption.

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7. Pete already got 2 tattoos referencing Ariana to show his love

Pete Davidson's tattoos.

Davidson has commemorated their relationship in true celebrity fashion. | Pop Crave News via Instagram

These two are certainly moving fast, as Pete already reportedly got two tattoos for Ariana. Tattoo artist London Reese posted this photo on his Instagram of bunny ears, which represent Ariana’s “Dangerous Woman” album cover. There was also a photo of an “AG” tattoo on Pete’s thumb, though the photo’s since been deleted.

It seems Ariana got some ink of her own, too. Elle reports fans have noticed that they seemingly have matching cloud tattoos.

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8. Will this new relationship last?

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson on 'Saturday Night Live'.

Fans are actively keeping tabs on this new romance. | NBC

While the couple seems to be going strong so far, fans are worried about their future. Pete was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, which many believe makes him ineligible to date. The Cut reports Pete wrote, “Just because someone has a mental illness does not mean they can’t be happy and in a relationship. It also doesn’t mean that person makes the relationship toxic.”

Ariana has seen her fair share of toxic relationships, especially considering what she said about her past relationship with Mac Miller. We’re thinking she’d know by now if she was making a bad choice, too.

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