4 Celebrities Who Have Dropped Serious Pounds Using Weight Watchers

Have you ever started a diet only to do well for a few weeks (or days), then fail miserably and fall back into your old patterns? It can be a frustrating experience. Losing weight is no easy task. If you’ve had a constant struggle keeping the weight off, you’re not the only one. Celebrities have also experienced their own struggles when it comes to staying slim.

The shocking truth is, stars are just like us (sort of). They also experience the frustration of gaining weight, losing it, and then gaining it all back again. In fact, many celebrities have had such a tough time staying trim that they’ve turned to all kinds of pills and diets. One of the most famous diet plans used by celebrities and non-celebrities alike is Weight Watchers, which makes us think they might be on to something. Here are some celebrities who have dropped serious pounds using Weight Watchers.

1. Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson attending a premiere

Jennifer Hudson attending a premiere | Mike Windle/Getty Images

Jennifer Hudson turned to Weight Watchers to help her slim down and she experienced great results. The former American Idol star was able to lose a whopping 80 pounds in just four years, according to People. As a result, she went from a size 16 to a size 6. Hudson said she had to shed the pounds for a movie role after the birth of her son. In addition to Weight Watchers, Hudson said she worked out with a personal trainer.

2. Jenny McCarthy

Jenny McCarthy and Jeremy Piven at a SiriusXM show

Jeremy Piven poses for a photo with Jenny McCarthy at SiriusXM Studios|  Ben Gabbe/Getty Images

When you hear Jenny McCarthy’s name, one of the first things you think of is her trim physique. However, she hasn’t always been so fit. After her Playboy days came to an end, Jenny McCarthy settled down and had a baby. During this time, she put on some extra pounds and needed to find a way to slim down. McCarthy’s weight went up to 211 pounds after the birth of her son, so she turned to Weight Watchers for help. Similar to Jennifer Hudson, McCarthy lost 80 pounds and relies on diet and exercise to round out her weight-loss maintenance program. She told Shape she follows a detox diet along with regular yoga.

3. Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley looks on prior to the start of the 2016 National Championship game

Charles Barkley looks on prior to the start of the 2016 National Championship game | Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Weight Watchers isn’t just for the ladies. Famous men are also concerned about looking good for their adoring fans. One of those famous faces is former NBA star Charles Barkley. He packed on 100 pounds after retiring from his career as a professional basketball player. Barkley decided to take action and get rid of those unwanted pounds. He became a spokesman for Weight Watchers in 2011, and the move paid off. Barkley managed to lose more than 50 pounds thanks to the Weight Watchers diet plan.

4. Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson in Dukes of Hazzard

Jessica Simpson in Dukes of Hazzard | Source: Village Roadshow Pictures

Singer and actress Jessica Simpson is no stranger to extra baby weight. Like Jennifer Hudson and Jenny McCarthy, she also struggled with weight gain after the birth of a child. With lots of hard work, the former Dukes of Hazzard star lost more than 50 pounds through Weight Watchers. Simpson also worked with personal trainer Harley Pasternak and added walking to her workout routine. The star said she walked six miles a day to maintain her fitness level, according to Life & Style.

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