You’re Not Alone: 10 Challenges Every Fitness Newbie Faces at the Gym

A man, exhausted after a workout at the gym

The gym can be even more tiring for novices. | Manan Vatsyayana/AFP/Getty Images

Before you sign up for that gym or fitness center membership, you should know that the vast majority of people abandon their fitness goals. Many people attempt to change their lifestyles around the New Year or prior to a big event, but says their enthusiasm quickly wanes. Getting fit is more than just going to the gym here and there or eating better. It’s an entire lifestyle makeover.

And for that reason, many people find themselves falling back into old habits or giving up altogether. It’s understandable — we often bite off more than we can chew. We overestimate how much change we can handle, and in the end, it all ends up falling apart.

But that’s okay. You can always try again. Assess where you went wrong previously, and make smaller, incremental changes. This will improve your odds of success, but it still doesn’t guarantee anything.

If you haven’t worked out or gone to the gym in a long time (or ever), it can be a huge change. But generally speaking, first-timers all have similar experiences and suffer through the same feelings. You’ll be anxious, confused, and nervous. The only way to work passed those feelings to start reaching your goals is to work through them. But don’t feel alone. Here are 10 challenges all gym newbies will face

1. Confusion

A customer works out at a 24 Hour Fitness center

It can be overwhelming,s o don’t be afraid to ask questions. | Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

If you’ve never been to a gym or fitness center, it can be like entering a completely different world. A lot of gyms have their own norms or customs. You should always do this or never do that — and the only way to learn is through experience. Don’t be afraid to ask gym staff, your trainer (if you have one), or even other gym-goers. Everybody was a beginner at some point.

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