Charge Your Next Meal to Mastercard to Help Fund Cancer Research

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Become a cancer crusader by eating out on Wednesday, October 10. That’s right, Mastercard and Stand Up to Cancer are joining forces to give you an easy way to help fund cancer research just by paying with plastic when you dine out.

Spend at least $10 on any meal on October 10 and Mastercard will donate $1 per meal, up to $4 million to support cancer research, according to a release. The “Make a Date” campaign also supports an active lifestyle. Connecting with others for a meal rather than eating at your desk or in front of the television is a great way to come together.

How your donations help cancer research

Stand Up to Cancer dedicates 100% of donations toward collaborative cancer research programs. The organization encourages researchers and scientists from various institutions and disciplines to work together toward the common goal of beating cancer.

As a result, Stand Up to Cancer has provided a number of breakthrough clinical trials and the FDA approval of five new cancer therapies, including treatments for breast, ovarian, and pancreatic cancers and certain difficult-to-treat leukemias.

Mastercard has a deep-rooted relationship with Stand Up to Cancer

Mastercard is a longstanding Stand Up to Cancer partner, donating more than $42 million over the last nine years. “With our ‘Make It a Date’ campaign, we are encouraging cardholders to Start Something Priceless by supporting a powerful cause with an everyday activity they already enjoy – dining out – to drive donations and further the impact SU2C can make in putting an end to this disease.” Cheryl Guerin, executive vice president, marketing and communications from Mastercard said in a release.

Doctor Mikhail Varshavski, otherwise known as “Doctor Mike,” a board-certified family medicine doctor, told The Cheat Sheet everyone should band together against cancer. “At least one in three people will develop cancer in their lifetime,” he says. “And over 5,000 people will get a cancer diagnosis in a single day.” Which means the disease is likely to touch everyone’s life in some way and at some point. Supporting an organization like Stand Up to Cancer provides a way for everyone to get involved.

This is how you can boost your own health too

Dr. Mike |Photo credit: Felix Kunze

One of the biggest poor health offenders is a sedentary lifestyle. But most people know that already. Approximately 89% percent of those employed agree that sitting for much of the day is bad for their health, yet nearly half (47%) of respondents eat at their desk at least three times a week, according to an online omnibus survey commissioned by Mastercard.

“Not only does getting away from your desk for only a half an hour help boost productivity and creativity, moving throughout the day reduces your risk for all sorts of issues like stroke and cancer,” Doctor Mike says. “That doesn’t mean you have to go for a jog around the office, but simply getting up every half an hour helps.”

Leaving your desk for lunch actually does get the creative juices flowing. Of those who eat at their desk at least once a week, 64% say they’d be more creative if they left for lunch. Also, 73% said they’d feel healthier overall.

Getting out of the office and moving, in general, helps the mind too, Doctor Mike adds. “Your physical and mental health are tied together,” he says. “If one isn’t doing well the other won’t either.” Research backs these claims as 36% of those who dine with others say it makes them happier, plus 74% said they’d be in a better mood.

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