The Totally Harsh Reason Chloe Kim Split With Her Boyfriend Before Winning Gold (Plus, What Her Dating Life Is Like Now)

Chloe Kim made headlines for her historic snowboarding win at the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympic Games. However, she’s still an 18-year-old who is trying to navigate the obstacles of adolescence and early adulthood while simultaneously winning gold medals.

The snowboarder sacrificed a lot for her career, including the guy she’d been dating for a year and a half. Read on to hear a little more about her not-so-normal life, plus why she ended things with her snowboarder boyfriend right before the Olympics (check out page 4).

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She’s not your average 18-year-old

Chloe Kim of the United States looks on after the finals of the FIS Snowboard World Cup 2018

She was destined to be a professional snowboarder.| Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Kim began snowboarding when she was four years old. She said her parents were supportive, but most of her extended family wasn’t. “My aunt wasn’t a big fan of it,” Kim said in an interview with The Los Angeles Times. “You know, a Korean’s ideal thing is to be a lawyer, a doctor.”

Kim spends most of her days training — her daily training plan includes three hours of snowboarding and a cool down on a spin bike. Plus, she has a daily coaching session where she reviews videos of that day’s training. All of that doesn’t leave too much time for a normal life.

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… but she tries to be an average 18-year-old when she can

Chloe Kim and her mother at a beach.

She loves her family. | Chloekimsnow via Instagram

If you read any of Kim’s tweets throughout the Olympics, it was easy to tell that she’s still young at heart. She admits to People that she did have to grow up pretty quickly but enjoys the time at home when she can. Kim said that she and her mother always go shopping together, and she’s extremely close to her sisters. She also spends a lot of time at the local park. She said living in a city helps keep her life grounded when she’s not snowboarding.

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And that includes dating

Chloe Kim holds up a large donut.

She may be an Olympic athlete, but she does normal teenage things like dating and traveling with her family. | Chloekimsnow via Instagram

One nearly-inevitable part of being a teenager is dating — and having a celebrity crush. Kim said she’s a big fan of Riverdale star Cole Sprouse. But in her real world, Kim did have a boyfriend for a long time. About a year and a half ago, she began dating another professional snowboarder. The two found time to see one another in between their crazy schedules.

Dating for a year and half is a long time for a young adult, but Kim decided to break it off with her boyfriend right before the 2018 Olympics.

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Kim referred to her split with her boyfriend as ‘a business decision’

Chloe Kim in a sweatshirt.

She wanted to focus on her career. | Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

When asked about her breakup, she said it was more of a business decision than anything else. “That sounds kind of harsh, but it’s true,” Kim said, according to She went on to clarify that she had been hearing rumors about him and their relationship (she did not disclose what the rumors were), and decided she didn’t need the distraction while going in to the Olympics. Kudos to you, Kim.

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It proved to be an excellent business decision

Chloe Kim smiling and holding up her gold medal.

She had other things to focus on — like winning an Olympic gold medal. |  Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

While it was probably hard for Kim to end such a long teenage relationship, she definitely showed the millions of Olympics viewers that she doesn’t need a man. Kim won gold in the halfpipe snowboarding competition, and she’s the youngest female snowboarder to do so for the U.S. Kim’s claim to fame is that she’s the only female who can land two 1080s in a row. Kim was right when she said she didn’t want her relationship to be a distraction — and it definitely wasn’t.

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Now, Kim is still soaking up everything her Olympic experience gave her

Chloe Kim holding up a large flag.

Her life is about to get even more interesting. | Clive Rose/Getty Images

Kim’s parents are immigrants from South Korea, and she loved the experience of spending her first Olympics in her parents’ home country. Kim has family in Korea, including her grandmother, who was able to come to the snow park and watch her win the gold. “The media has given her very glowing coverage because they see her as one of their own,” Peter Kim, a New Jersey native and English professor at Kookmin University in Seoul, told The LA Times during Kim’s Olympic run.

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She’s focused on enjoying high school, (maybe) finding a new man, and getting ready for college

Chloe Kim standing on a snowy street.

She’s excited to get back to her family and friends. | Chloekimsnow via Instagram

After Kim won gold, she was asked about her post-Olympics plans. “I will try to go to prom, find me a boy,” she told ABC News. She said she missed out on a few proms, homecomings, and could miss her graduation, but she’d do it again if she could. While prom is fun, we can only imagine that the excitement of winning a gold medal for your country must be a little better.

Plus, Kim announced in March that she’d gotten accepted to Princeton, one of her top choices for college.

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