You Should Never Believe These Myths You’ve Heard About Cholesterol

Most people know too much cholesterol is bad for your health, but many don’t know what it does. The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute explains it’s a fatty substance that aids digestion and makes hormones and vitamin D. But too much cholesterol can be deadly.

You may be confused by what you’ve heard. So we’ll debunk all the myths below, including a common breakfast food that’s not the enemy you thought it was (on page 9).

1. Myth: All cholesterol is bad

Your LDL is whats you’ll want to keep low. | Graphic by Nicole Moore/The Cheat Sheet

The reality: Good cholesterol exists — and it can help your heart.

When you hear “cholesterol,” you may imagine a buttery substance clogging your veins. But the Center for Disease Control says you have two types of cholesterol: HDL and LDL. The former actually absorbs the waxy substance and flushes it out of system. LDL, the vein-blocking plaque, is what your doctor worries about. Raising your HDL levels helps your heart long-term.

Next: Look to the source to address your cholesterol concerns.

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