Christina El Moussa Is Finally Speaking Out About What It’s Like to Film ‘Flip or Flop’ With Her Ex (Plus, What Life’s Like With Her New Boyfriend)

Christina and Tarek El Moussa, stars of HGTV’s hit show, Flip or Flop, were once a happily married couple. But things took a turn, and their marriage came to an end. Despite the divorce, the two have continued to film their show together. But Christina says it’s not as laid back as it seems. Check out page 4 to see what Christina really thinks of working with Tarek.

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Christina and Tarek El Moussa had a very public divorce

Tarek and Christina El Moussa, hosts of HGTV's hit show Flip or Flop

Tarek and Christina El Moussa, hosts of HGTV’s hit show Flip or Flop. | Jerod Harris/Getty Images for Lakewood Center

In December 2016, in the midst of their rise to HGTV fame, Christina and Tarek El Moussa announced their shocking separation. The two remained separated for more than a year until Tarek officially filed for divorce in December 2017. The couple continued to film their show through the drama. In January 2018, reps for the former couple told the media the divorce had been finalized.

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Tarek El Moussa said that his divorce drama was worse than his cancer

His divorce was worse than his health scares. | Tarek El Moussa via Instagram

Tarek didn’t have many good things to say about his split with his wife of seven years. He had been taking painkillers for an extended period of time due to a back injury. And between the painkillers and the divorce, he was in a deep depression. He said the aftermath was worse than his cancer battle. But Tarek also said that coming out of that dark place has led him to finally find happiness. (Check out page 8 to see his new home.)

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The couple have continued to film their show so as not to disappoint fans

Flip or Flop Tarek and Christina El Moussa

Even after the divorce, they’re still filming the show. | HGTV

Despite the widely publicized divorce, the couple has vowed to continue filming the show because they don’t want to let down their fans. Plus, their business depends on their professional relationship. A source told People, “They get along for the sake of the kids and their business.” The couple has HGTV to thank for bringing them major success, and sources say they’re not going anywhere just yet. The two also amicably co-parent their two children, Taylor and Brayden.

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But Christina El Moussa said it has been ‘beyond awkward’

Christina El Moussa

Christina El Moussa | Jerod Harris/Getty Images

Although the couple is putting their business before their personal preferences, it doesn’t mean they love filming together. In a press release from May 2018, Christina opens up about the awkwardness between the former couple. “This would be awkward for any exes,” she said. “Since we have to see each other every other day it’s beyond awkward.” She said she plans on staying friendly and keeping things lighthearted. Flip or Flop has already filmed its seventh season.   

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Christina El Moussa recently celebrated 6 months with her new boyfriend

Christina El Moussa and Ant Anstead

The new couple loves posting on Instagram. | Christina El Moussa via Instagram

Christina and her boyfriend, British television host Ant Anstead, recently celebrated six “amazing” months together, according to his Instagram. He posted a photo of the two on a bench under a flower-filled wooden arch. The caption started with, “What an amazing six months it’s been with this lady!!!” and continued with other gushing things to say about his girlfriend. Christina commented on the photo, saying she can’t wait for the next six months and many adventures with him.

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The couple has been spending plenty of time together, including lavish vacations

Christina El Moussa and Ant Anstead. | Christina El Moussa via Instagram

Anstead took his new girlfriend back to his home town in March. The couple vacationed in England, and Christina saw where her boyfriend grew up while driving around in his sports car. She shared a photo of the two of them on Instagram with the hashtag #yesplease, referring to his racecar. The couple made their relationship public in January 2016 and have seemed inseparable ever since.

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Christina just sold her dream home at a loss

Flip or Flop El Moussa Home front

She sold her dream home for far less than she put into it. | First Team Estates

Not everything in Christina’s life is perfect, though. She invested $1.5 million dollars into her dream home after paying around $2 million for it. But it recently sold for only $2.925 million — a major flop. Christina took a loss of more than half a million dollars. She owned the 6,300 square-foot, Yorba Linda, California home for five years.

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And Tarek recently started over and bought himself a new home

Tarek El Moussa’s new house. | Tarek El Moussa via Instagram

Tarek has turned his life around since the divorce that sent him into a deep depression. He recently posted a photo of his new home on Instagram. He purchased the Costa Mesa, California home for $2.28 million. The Flip or Flop star expressed excitement for a “new beginning” and said he’s happy that he has a home for his children. He also posted photos of the home’s interior and said the home was love at first sight.

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