Christina El Moussa’s Lavish Vacation With Her New Boyfriend Makes Us Think a Wedding May Be Next

They looked just about perfect on Flip or Flopbut behind the scenes, Christina El Moussa and her husband of seven years, Tarek, were struggling to keep their marriage together. They finally called it quits in December 2016 and agreed to continue the show together. But new tensions may mount between the two thanks to Christina’s new boyfriend.

Recently, she and her new beau went on vacation together — and they took some seriously stunning photos. Check out why we think things are really heating up between them — and whether they might get married soon (page 8).

1. Christina has been dating Ant Anstead since late 2017

Christina El Moussa and Ant Anstead

The couple are having fun together. | Christina El Moussa via Instagram

He may not be well-known in the U.S., but Anthony Anstead is a hotshot in Britain. People explains Ant is a famous TV presenter who’s starred in multiple shows about cars. He’s also served as a car restoration expert. Perhaps their similar taste in remodeling is what brought the couple together.

Ant doesn’t live in England anymore, however. He now lives in the same area as Christina, making dating much easier.

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2. Her Instagram post about their New Year’s date made her seem head-over-heels

Christina El Moussa and Anthony Anstead | Christina El Moussa via Instagram

Christina has never looked happier in this Instagram photo of her and Ant riding bicycles. She posted it on New Year’s Day, with the caption congratulating her beau for the airing of his new show in the U.K.

The day before that, Christina posted another quote on Instagram alluding to her blossoming romance. The quote said, “It’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.” And it certainly seems like the magic is still there.

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3. Ant met Christina’s children early on in their relationship

Christina El Moussa and her children | Christina El Moussa via Instagram

It seems things are moving at a quick pace for the happy couple. In mid-March, Christina and Ant were spotted taking her kids to church — and that was just two month after her divorce was finalized, Daily Mail Online reports.

Ant was seen carrying her 2-year-old son, Brayden, while Christina walked with her 7-year-old daughter, Taylor Reese. The kids looked totally comfortable with their mom’s new boyfriend. And we’re betting she’s met Ant’s kids, too.

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4. Ant took Christina to London to visit his family for an amazing vacation

Christina El Moussa and Anthony Anstead | Christina El Moussa via Instagram

Christina’s getting to know Ant’s family, too. In late March, Page Six reports the couple were spotted in London, where Ant was showing her his neck of the woods. One source added that she was there to meet Ant’s family, as well.

People reports they toured all over the British city, stopping at Buckingham Palace and the gardens nearby — and then indulging with pizza and sparkling wine. It appears the two have never been happier.

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5. Christina says this safari trip in South Africa completed 1 of her bucket list goals

Christina El Moussa and Anthony Anstead in South Africa | Christina El Moussa via Instagram

London looked amazing — but so did the couple’s lavish journey to South Africa. After her trip to England, Bravo TV reports the two went to South Africa to visit the Ulusuba Private Game Reserve. Here, Christina got up close and personal with the wildlife. She shared photos and videos on Instagram of the elephants she saw, saying the experience was a check off the bucket list and “the best trip ever.”

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6. Will Flip or Flop live on, despite the divorce?

Tarek and Christina El Moussa

The show is still filming new episodes. | HGTV

While Christina and Ant are getting cozy, the question remains: Will Flip or Flop survive? It seems so. The exes are filming the eighth season of the show, which first began in 2013.

Daily Mail Online reports in early April, Tarek and Christina were seen on set. The two are putting aside their differences for the good of the production, despite the dramatic gun incident that prompted a police visit in late 2016 prior to the divorce.

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7. Insiders say Christina and Tarek were never meant to last

Flip or Flop Tarek and Christina El Moussa

The couple seemed to have very different life plans.  | HGTV

Was Christina and Tarek’s marriage doomed from the start? Some seem to think so. One insider told People that the two appeared to be “wildly incompatible,” even in the early years of their romance. While Tarek is more laid-back, the source said Christina has “Champagne tastes” and appreciates the finer things in life.

The couple seemed to work well together before the fame. But once Christina could afford more luxuries, their differences were all too apparent. “He just couldn’t or didn’t want to keep up,” the source said about Tarek.

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8. Will Christina marry Ant?

Christina El Moussa and Anthony Anstead | Christina El Moussa via Instagram

With their lavish vacations and cute online posts, it appears Ant is exactly the type of man Christina is after. And from the looks of it, we wouldn’t be too surprised if wedding bells are in the future. An insider told Life & Style that they’re already discussing marriage and would love to walk down the aisle together.

As for what Tarek thinks, it seems he’s happy for his ex-wife. “Tarek has given them his seal of approval,” the insider commented.

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