Cold Remedies You Should Try, and Ones To Avoid

When it comes to being sick, we can be tempted to try any remedy that promises to make us healthy as quickly as possible. But like with all get-well-quick antidotes, there are certain cures that help rid you of your cold much faster than others — and some self-proclaimed cure-alls that don’t work so well at all. Here’s a look at nine cold remedies you should try, and six you should avoid. (The remedy to avoid on page 14 will probably surprise you.)

1. Try: Adding moisture to the air

Air humidifier | yocamon/ iStock/Getty Images Plus

You may think adding moisture to the air would make your cold worse. In fact, a little moisture can help break up the congestion in your head. Mayo Clinic recommends getting a vaporizer for your home and changing the water filter daily.

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