Colombia Soccer Star James Rodriguez Is Dating the Most Stunning Woman We’ve Ever Seen

James Rodriguez

James Rodriguez | Zhong Zhi/Getty Images

The 2018 World Cup is well underway, and soccer fans couldn’t be more excited. And on Tuesday, June 19, the superstars of Colombia have their chance at glory on the field. We remember how much of a force Colombia was at the last World Cup — and James Rodriguez played a huge role in making it all happen. Deadspin reminds us of his “million dollar smile” that captivated the sports world. Now, it seems like his fans aren’t the only ones who’ve had their eyes on him.

The Sun reports Rodriguez and model Helga Lovekaty have been flirting back and forth via social media. The two first met thanks to Cristiano Ronaldo, a Real Madrid player who was once teammates with Rodriguez. Lovekaty and Rodriguez attended a party where they were introduced thanks to Ronaldo. And now, it looks like there are no attempts to keep anything secret between them.

As for Lovekaty, you may have seen her on Instagram before you even knew she was flirting with a famous soccer star. The 25-year-old beauty lives in St. Petersburg, Russia, and has over 4 million followers on the social media platform. It appears she started modeling in 2013, and her photos caught the attention of modeling agency Mavrin Models. Since then, she’s received a ton of recognition for her photos — and of course, Rodriguez took notice.

And of course, Lovekaty showed up to the World Cup to support her man. She added a photo to her Instagram of her in a tight white crop top with the caption, “Welcome to the #WorldCup in Russia. … I hope you enjoy Russia and we will have great fun with the game.” This caught the attention of her millions of followers, of course, who assume she’s at the games to support Rodriguez.

We’re happy to see Rodriguez thriving, particularly because of his recent divorce. Sports Illustrated reports Rodriguez was married to Daniela Ospina, volleyball star and sister of Arsenal keeper David Ospina, for six years. E! News goes on to explain the couple wed in 2010 when Ospina was just 18.

Reports say she didn’t want to move to Germany with Rodriguez, which was one of the reasons why they chose to divorce. “I did not want to travel to Germany because I wanted to continue as an entrepreneur in Colombia and Spain,” she said.

Rodriguez and Ospina also have a child together, whom they welcomed in March 2013. During their separation, Ospina posted on Instagram explaining, “the most important thing is the best interest of Salomé,” their daughter. It seems the couple also left things on good terms, as the post said her and Salomé “will be persistently rooting and supporting him.”

Location troubles aside, it seems there may have been something else amiss with their relationship. Cheating rumors circulated around Rodriguez and Lovekaty in the past — so we’re wondering how Ospina is taking the news now. Regardless, she’s always kept her comments extremely optimistic when it comes to the public eye. “Regardless of the things that came between us, we both admire each other, we respect each other and we know that it is important to have a good relationship in order to raise our daughter as she should be raised,” Ospina said. “She is not to blame for the situations that have occurred between us.”

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