Common Signs Could Mean You Have A Thyroid Condition

Thyroid disorders affect millions of people, and they’re more common in women than men. But the most common types of thyroid disorders are hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid) and hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid). And underactive thyroid means your body isn’t producing enough of the thyroid hormone, and overactive means the opposite.

Thyroid problems can affect your body in many different ways. Here are some common signs that could mean you have a thyroid problem.

1. You have dry skin

woman applying moisturizer

Dry skin could be caused by a thyroid disorder. | studiokovac/iStock/Getty Images

When your thyroid produces too little hormone, your metabolism is affected. This can reduce the amount of moisture in your skin. It ends up becoming dry and flaky, and you feel like you have to moisturize far more often than you used to. Dry skin is common in winter, but if you moisturize frequently or live in a warmer environment and still notice dry skin, talk to your doctor.

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