Completely Creepy Things About O.J. Simpson’s Relationship With Nicole Brown That You Probably Forgot About

In the 90s, O.J. Simpson became a household name, and not because of his football career. Simpson was famously acquitted in the murder trial of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ron Goldman. And despite the overwhelming evidence that Simpson was, in fact, guilty, the nation is still divided on what they think happened.

But before all of that, Simpson and Brown were married for seven years. And with all the sensation and drama surrounding his trial, some sketchy behavior on OJ Simpson’s part was overlooked or swept under the rug — especially when it came to his late ex-wife.

Simpson hit on another woman at his own wedding

Nicole Brown Simpson, the ex-wife of former professional football player O.J. Simpson

Nicole Brown Simpson, the ex-wife of former professional football player O.J. Simpson, was slain along with a friend. | STF/AFP/Getty Images

At their 1985 wedding, Simpson gave a heartfelt speech about his love for Brown, but family friend Robin Greer admitted it never felt sincere. In fact, Greer said, Simpson made sexual advances at her on his wedding day.

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His affairs caused most of his marital turmoil

OJ Simpson in court, looking to the right of the frame

O.J. Simpson was not always faithful to his wife. | Pool/AFP/Getty Images

Simpson’s affairs were frequent, and they were the main reason for the constant discord in his marriage. Greer said Brown “knew he had affairs, and it drove her crazy.”

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Simpson had a fling with Tawnie Kataen

Tawnie Kataen in the music video for "Here I Go Again" by Whitesnake

Tawnie Kataen was one of the women Simpson had his eye on. | emimusic via YouTube

Simpson’s former friends called him a  “incorrigible womanizer” who felt entitled to anything he wanted. One of his most notorious affairs was with 1890s video vixen Tawnie Kataen, who famously danced on top of David Coverdale’s two Jaguars in the Whitesnake video for “Here I Go Again.”

Greer claimed Simpson told Brown he had the affair with Kataen because Brown had gotten “fat” while she was pregnant.

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Simpson was incredibly controlling

Denise Brown, the sister of murder victim Nicole Brown Simpson, cries on the witness stand

Simpson and his wife did not have a healthy relationship. | POO/AFP/Getty Images

According to Greer, Simpson told Brown how to look, how to dress, how to wear her hair, where to be, and what time to be there. He was extremely controlling, meaning he was emotionally abusive as well as physically abusive.

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The two met right after Brown’s 18th birthday

Murder victim Nicole Brown Simpson's mother Juditha (R), and sisters Denise (C) and Tanya (L) sit next to her grave surrounded by flowers.

Nicole Brown Simpson’s family still visit her grave to mourn their loss. | Marilynn Young/AFP/Getty Images

Simpson first met Brown when she was barely 18, working at a nightclub in Hollywood. Although Simpson was still married to his first wife, the two began dating, and Brown even moved in with him before he was divorced.

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Simpson watched his ex-wife with another man

O.J. Simpson crosses the street from the courthouse in Santa Monica, California during a lunch break

Brown’s relationships with other men severely upset Simpson. | Vince Bucci/AFP/Getty Images

Even after the couple divorced in 1992, they attempted to reconcile several times … but that didn’t mean they didn’t date other people. At one point, Brown was in a relationship with restaurateur Keith Zlomsowitch, who claimed that Simpson had them followed and confronted them several times. Once, according to Greer, he even watched them have sex through Brown’s window and confronted his ex-wife about it the next day.

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He’s still angry at her

O.J. Simpson wearing a blue prison suit, sitting in a courtroom with his head tilted back slightly

Even today, Simpson can’t forgive Brown. | Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

It seems that Simpson has never gotten control of his violent temper, nor has he forgiven his ex-wife for whatever grudges he had against her. A family friend revealed that Simpson once visited his ex-wife at the cemetery, where he screamed and cursed at her grave. His alleged behavior is something that disturbed and alarmed cemetery employees.

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