Conspiracy Theorists Believe Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson Have Been Together for Years

Love is in the air — at least, such is the case for singer Ariana Grande and her Saturday Night Live love, Pete Davidson. They’ve been all over the news since fans caught wind of their whirlwind romance. And now, it seems wedding bells are coming fast.

While most of us think the couple is just moving at the speed of light, others have different theories. It seems some fans believe the two have actually been together for far longer than they let on. Here are the details, including the one photo that may prove the theory is real (page 6).

1. Ariana seemingly confirmed her engagement to Pete

Ariana Grande’s engagement tweet | Ariana Grande via Twitter

Rumors swirled when fans noticed a giant, $93,000 rock on Ariana’s ring finger. And it seems she’s not shying away from any of the rumors, either.

The Cut reports Ariana tweeted, “i love u sm hi & thank u i love u bye,” which to her fans meant she was confirming the engagement news. Also, when one fan tweeted that she hoped Pete knew she was marrying the fan base as well as Ariana, Ariana tweeted back, “HES BEEN BRIEFED.” If marriage wasn’t on the horizon, we’d expect a much different response.

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2. They both just came out of long relationships, making the engagement even weirder

Davidson dated Cazzie David for two years. | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

It’d be one thing if both Ariana and Pete were seemingly single for a long period of time. But before they confirmed their relationship on social media, they were both in long-term relationships that just ended.

Billboard notes Ariana was involved with Mac Miller musically all the way back in 2013, and they were romantically linked by 2016. The two broke up in May 2018, however, seemingly right before Ariana was seen with Pete. As for Pete’s long-term relationship, he broke up with Cazzie David in May after two years of dating, People reports.

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3. Ariana’s custom-made ring is causing a ton of controversy

Is she showing off an engagement ring? | frankiejgrande via Instagram

Fans noticed Ariana was sporting a huge rock on her finger just weeks after confirming her relationship with Pete. The Cut reports the ring was custom-made for $93,000 by jeweler Greg Yuna. The jeweler revealed the ring took two weeks to make –which means Pete would have had to order it within the first two weeks of dating Ariana.

Is it oddly romantic for the couple to be moving so fast, or could they have been dating for far longer without any of us knowing? You be the judge.

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4. This comedian just made a timeline for us so we didn’t have to

Nicole Boyce’s timeline | Nicole Boyce via Twitter

Confused as to when Pete and Ariana got together, how long they’ve been engaged, and what else has gone on under your nose that you’re not aware of? So were we — until comedian Nicole Boyce posted her own timeline of everything she knows on Twitter.

According to her timeline, Ariana broke up with Mac Miller on May 9, Pete and Cazzie split on May 16, and Ariana’s engagement ring was likely made on May 26. She also notes the Mac Miller cheating rumors that took place from February to April, which may have influenced things.

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5. Pete mentioned he would ‘probably marry’ his girlfriend in April — so could he have meant Ariana?

Did he let slip that they’ve been dating for longer? | Ariana Grande via Instagram

Adding even more fuel to the fire, Refinery29 reports Pete performed at Kenyon College on April 21. Multiple sources who saw the show said Pete mentioned that he would probably marry his girlfriend at the time. As far as the rest of us know, that girlfriend was Cazzie David. But the sources also say he never mentioned Cazzie by name — so could he have meant Ariana?

If Pete was really talking about Ariana that whole time, then the “sudden” engagement makes a whole lot more sense.

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6. This 1 photo on Ariana’s Instagram makes us think she was dating Pete way earlier

Proof that Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson have been dating longer? | wifi material via Twitter

The timeline of Ariana and Pete’s relationship is helpful, but another Twitter user found an even bigger clue that makes us think the two had been dating for awhile. User wifi material noted Ariana posted this photo of her on May 13, and then on May 31, she posted a photo of her and Pete. In both photos, however, she’s wearing her hair the same way and the same outfit, which leads us to believe both photos were actually taken on May 13 and she just waited to post the second photo.

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7. Some are speculating that Pete was cheating on Cazzie David with Ariana

Pete Davidson and Cazzie David in May | Cazzie David via Instagram

The photo comparison was just the beginning of this conspiracy. If Ariana and Pete were, in fact, together on May 13, Elite Daily notes that’s just 10 days after Cazzie David posted this photo of her and Pete that had the caption, “Bffs.” And since Pete and Cazzie confirmed their breakup on May 16, that means he was cozying up to Ariana just three days after the split.

We can’t say anything for sure, as these are just theories. Though they’re all starting to sound pretty convincing.

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8. Ariana’s reportedly had dreams of getting married for years

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson on Saturday Night Live

She’s always wanted to get married. | NBC

It seems Ariana’s had marriage on the brain for years. Daily Mail Online reports at just 17 years old, Ariana tried on a wedding dress on the Nickelodeon show iCarly, which she used to star in. Since then, reports say she’s wanted to be a real bride.

The publication reports one source close to Ariana told Entertainment Tonight that she’s talked about marriage “since she was 15. During her teen years, she was always very dreamy about a wedding and she used to call friends and talk about one day having that one special person.”

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9. Ariana’s friends have mixed feelings about all of this

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande

Not everyone is thrilled about the new couple. | Pete Davidson via Instagram

Ariana and Pete’s friends are generally happy for the couple — but there are also concerns mounting. As one source tells Entertainment Tonight, “Ariana gets so excited about an idea and so set on making it happen that she doesn’t always think it through.” As far as the engagement goes, the source said, “It’s a little worrisome and we fear it was so spontaneous it might not last.”

We can’t deny the two look very much in love, however. As another source said, “For both of them, this relationship is heaven compared to their past relationships and they’re just clinging to that heaven and thrilled about it.”

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