Conspiracy Theorists Reveal Why They Think Harry Married Meghan Markle so Quickly — and It Isn’t for Love

Many a young kid grows up dreaming of their fairy tale love story, and Meghan Markle clearly hit the jackpot. Prince? Check. Never-ending closet? Check. New royal in-laws? Check. True Love? Cynics aren’t so sure about this one.

These royal experts developed their own conspiracy theories about why Prince Harry and Meghan Markle married so quickly — some have called it a “whirlwind romance.” Plus, the one “fan theory” that would truly bring the history of our two countries full-circle (page 5).

1. He’s worried about her safety

Britain's Prince Harry and his fiancée, US actress Meghan Markle arrive at Social Bite, a social enterprise cafe in Edinnburgh during a visit to Scotland on February 13, 2018. / AFP PHOTO / POOL / Owen Humphreys (Photo credit should read OWEN HUMPHREYS/AFP/Getty Images)

He’s been concerned for her safety. | Owen Humphreys/AFP/Getty Images

Meghan Markle has been subject to a media frenzy that has bordered on harassment since she and the prince began dating. Harry has a tumultuous relationship with the media and has grown up in the public eye while staying skeptical of news coverage.

“His girlfriend has been the subject to a wave of abuse and harassment,” Kensington Palace wrote in a statement released when the two began dating. “Prince Harry is worried about Ms. Markle’s safety and is deeply disappointed that he has not been able to protect her … This is not a game — it is her life and his.”

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2. Prince Philip wants to see Harry marry

Harry wants his grandfather to attend the wedding. |  Adrian Dennis/AFP/Getty Images

“One of the reasons that Prince Harry has wanted this wedding to happen quite quickly — this is really whirlwind by royal standards — is because his 96-year-old grandfather, the Duke of Edinburgh, is retired now and Prince Harry really wants him to be at his wedding,” a royal expert told Entertainment Tonight in 2017.

It’s no secret that Prince Harry is close with Prince Philip. According to the royal expert, Kate Nicholl, this is one of the reasons Harry chose to have the wedding sooner rather than later. “I think Harry and Meghan were both united on the idea of having a small, family, intimate wedding,” she added.

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3. Queen Elizabeth II feels the same

Harry wanted the queen to be able to come too | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

While she’s in good health and still the reigning monarch, some experts still believe the queen’s age played a role in the wedding date … and venue. Nicholl told ET that Prince Harry didn’t want to get married at the same place as Prince William and didn’t want as big a wedding.

“Harry really wanted to have something a little bit more intimate. The second reason is that he wanted something close to home for the Duke of Edinburgh and the Queen.”

4. They need a potential heir

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's BBC engagement interview

The couple want to have children. | BBC News

Some conspired that the couple needed to marry early to start producing another potential heir to the throne. However, with Prince Harry now sixth in line, it’s unlikely that his and Meghan’s kids will ever wear the crown.

According to reports, the two do want kids soon — regardless of their official title. Harry answered that “of course” they wanted to have children in their first official post-engagement interview together. Markle reportedly told her former agent Gina Nelthorpe-Cowne that she “would absolutely love to have children” and can’t wait to be a mother.

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5. The Brits want America back

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle meet local school children during a visit to Birmingham on March 8, 2018 in Birmingham, England.

Put on your tinfoil hats for this one… | Hannah McKay-WPA Pool/Getty Images

A Twitter user had an interesting fan theory about the royal wedding. This time, it focused less on the perks of Markle joining the royal family than on what Prince Harry could gain by marrying an American citizen.

“Prince Harry’s kids will be Americans. What if one grows up to be president and is in line for the throne at the same time? Brits are playing long-ball here … They want America back and this is how they’ll do it,” Greg Pollowitz wrote. Another follower went even farther, calling it “The Crown/House of Cards crossover episode you’ve been waiting for.”

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6. Kate and Prince William dated nearly 5 times as long as Meghan and Prince Harry

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge depart from the 2018 Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey

William and Kate dated for nearly 10 years. | Chris Jackson/Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Kate Middleton and Prince Harry met at St. Andrews University in the early 2000s (they officially debuted their relationship in 2004). The two married almost a decade later — over five times as long as Prince Harry and Markle’s less than 2-year courtship.

Harry and Markle met on a blind date in July 2016. A reporter asked Harry post-engagement when he knew Markle was the one. He said, “the very first time we met.”

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7. William and Kate’s charitable efforts were extremely lucrative

Kate Middleton and Prince William on their wedding day

Their wedding raced millions for charity. | Warren Allott – WPA Pool/Getty Images

Though honorable, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s gracious decision to give England’s charities a boost is nothing new. The couple is merely carrying on with tradition, as did Prince William and Kate Middleton. They also asked guests to make donations to chosen charities during their 2011 wedding.

If history is any indication, the seven charities chosen to the next royal wedding could see a serious payday. The 2011 Royal Wedding Charitable Gift Fund raised a whopping $1.7 million for 26 charities in its time.

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8. Gifts are still expected

2018 Land Rover range Rover

Kate and William received a Range Rover. | Land Rover

Despite their selfless request, the pair could also get a few other gifts. Kate Middleton and Prince William reportedly received several presents during their wedding, including a Range Rover, a Cocker Spaniel, a tandem bike, and a cover of Stevie Wonder’s 1972 love ballad “You and I” from George Michael. Kate’s parents gifted her three pairs of shoes from the Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and diamond drop earrings.

As for Meghan, its rumored she’ll receive her own coat of arms from Kensington Palace, a long-standing royal tradition given to the bride and her family on the wedding day. Plus a few other pricey presents fit for a newly minted royal.

9. Everything to know about their wedding

St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle

The wedding will be at St. George’s Chapel. | Dominic Lipinski – WPA Pool/Getty Images

The couple was married Saturday, May 19th, at St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle. While traditional wedding rules dictate the bride’s family foots the bill, the royal family will be funding the official affair.

Royal experts speculate that Kate Middleton will not be a bridesmaid despite the fact Prince William will be a part of the royal nuptials. However, Princess Charlotte is reportedly going to be involved and Prince George will be pageboy. A source told The Telegraph, “The wedding will be a family event. You can expect the family to be involved.”

10. Prince Harry didn’t ask Meghan Markle to sign a prenup

Prince Harry and his fiancee Meghan Markle attend a street dance class

It’s what his parents and brother did. | Geoff Pugh/WPA Pool/Getty Images

Prince Harry made a bold move by choosing to put love before money. Although he believes his marriage to Markle will last, there’s another reason he’s forgoing a prenup. His decision seems to be partly based on what his family members have done in the past. Despite the family’s wealth, neither Prince Charles nor Prince William asked their wives to sign a prenup, according to the UK’s Express.

In Prince Charles’ case, this proved to be a bad move. When he and Diana called it quits in 1996, she walked away with a payout of $24 million. Geoffrey Bignell, who managed Prince Charles’s finances until 1996, said Prince Charles had to liquidate his entire investment portfolio to make the payment, reports The Telegraph.

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11. It’s not too late

Prince Harry (L) and fiancee Meghan Markle leave after their visit to Star Hub

They could always get one after. | Chris J Ratcliffe/Getty Images

Markle and Prince Harry can still protect their assets even after they get married. If they have a change of heart, they can get a postnuptial agreement. This is similar to a prenup, the only difference is that the document is created after marriage. A postnuptial agreement can prove useful, especially when it comes to deciding who gets to keep items that hold sentimental value.

12. What Meghan can learn from Kate

Kate Middleton smiles as her hair blows in the wind.

Kate Middleton will take her under her wing. | Alexander Koerner/Getty Images

Now that the wedding is over, bringing a common family into the fold with the royals is no doubt a stressful situation. (Especially since Meghan doesn’t appear to be on the best terms with all of her kin.) Luckily, she has a confidante and new sister in Kate Middleton. Since the Duchess of Cambridge integrated her family into the royal family, she is the perfect mentor for Meghan at this time.

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13. How the queen’s approval factors in

Queen Elizabeth signing a letter.

We’re so glad she approved of Meghan. | Daniel Leal-Olivas/AFP/Getty Images

Queen Elizabeth has been more lenient over the last few years when it comes to following royal protocol. At least, she has been when it comes to her grandsons, Princes William and Harry. Since she was so willing to dismiss royal standards for Harry to propose to Meghan, the queen is more likely to be welcoming to her family.

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