Creating This One Thing Can Help You Reach Your Goals

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Have you found yourself in a place where it seems like you’ve lost your focus? Have you given up on your goals or failed to make any at all? Don’t settle for a mediocre life. If you’re caught in a rut, one way you can snap out of it is to create a vision board.

“Surrounding yourself with images of your vision causes your dream to become more alive inside you. It is a vital component of your success that you surround yourself with what ‘can be’ and not just ‘what is.’ That’s the power of vision,” said Terri Savelle Foy in Dream it. Pin it. Live it: Make Vision Boards Work for You.

Visualization is a powerful tool that can catapult you to the next level in all areas of your life. Here are a few tips for creating a vision board that can help you set and achieve your goals.

Why you need a vision board

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A vision board is basically a board on which you place pictures that represent the life you want. For example, if you hope to get married, you can cut pictures from a magazine showing happy couples or wedding rings and paste the photos on a board. You can also dedicate space on a wall in your home for this collage. A vision board can help you realize dreams you’ve abandoned or never started working on. A vision board can also help you stay focused and motivated once you start to move toward your goal. It’s a visual reminder of where you want to be.

“Why would you want to create a vision board? The simple answer is: To help make your dreams come true. You can use a vision board to achieve success in as many ways as you define that word: Success in your health, wealth, relationships, career goals — in all aspects of your life,” said John Assaraf in The Complete Vision Board Kit: Using the Power of Intention and Visualization to Achieve Your Dreams.

How vision boards work

A vision board is not magic. You have to do some work in order for your dreams to become a reality. The reason vision boards tend to work is that you are constantly reminded of your goal. Provided that you place your board in a place where you will see it often, it will start to fuel the passion and drive you need to go out and take the steps necessary to bring your goal to fruition. It’s almost like a coach cheering you on and providing constant reinforcement. The more you look at your vision board, the more you will be able to visualize your desired end result. Whenever you get discouraged, you can go back to that mental image of success. Foy says vision boards work by “keeping your attention on your intentions.” Author Erwin Cruz says the way we keep this attention is through visualization:

“Defined as the process of visualizing mental images in your brain with the purpose of achieving a goal, creative visualization has been proven to offer several benefits as a powerful tool to help you boost your goal efforts,” said Erwin Cruz in Law of Attraction Success: Creative Visualization Techniques and Proven Strategies to Build the Life of Your Dreams.

Believe in your abilities

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Before you sit down to start creating your vision board, you have to believe in what you are doing. If you lack confidence in your ability to achieve your goals, your time would be better spent doing something else. You have to be willing and ready to make a change in your life, and that can only happen if you believe in yourself.

Set goals

Don’t worry about whether your goals are attainable. The point is to dream big and put everything on this board that you desire. You can work out the specifics later.

“Find pictures that represent or symbolize the experiences, feelings, and possessions you want to attract into your life, and place them in your board. Have fun with the process! Use photographs, magazine cutouts, pictures from the Internet whatever inspires you. Be creative. Include not only pictures, but anything that speaks to you,” said Jack Canfield, creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series.

If you want to make the process of goal setting and vision board creation a social activity, consider having a vision board party. This is where you invite a group of friends over for food and drinks and enjoy each others company while creating your individual vision boards. It’s an excuse to party, so why not?

Work toward your goal

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Completing your vision board is a great first step toward realizing your dreams. However, it will be important for you put in the work necessary to make those dreams come true. Keep pushing yourself and moving forward. Never lose your will to succeed.

“To live an extraordinary life, you’ve got to develop mental strength. And you develop mental strength with will. The will is the mental faculty that gives you the ability to hold one idea on the screen of your mind to the exclusion of all outside distractions,” said Bob Proctor in The Vision Board: The Secret to an Extraordinary Life.

Enlist a buddy

If you find it difficult to stay on track with reaching some of the goals on your board, get some help from a friend who has accomplished a goal similar to yours. It may help to meet on a regular basis so you can review your progress and get some encouragement.

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