The Ways Cursing Can Actually Be Good for You

Potty mouth? Yeah, us too. But there’s good news. If you just can’t seem to quit dropping F-bombs, it might actually be a good sign. Turns out, there are benefits to be had for those who have a less-than-kid-friendly vocabulary. Yes, we’re talking about curse words. Swears. Foul language. If you consider yourself a member of this camp, there’s an upside to be had. Here are 10 ways cursing can actually be good for you.

1. It means you have a bigger vocabulary

Mature woman sitting on a bench

You probably have an extensive vocabulary. |

The belief that people who curse a lot do so as a result of being uneducated no longer stands up. In fact, research shows using such choice language isn’t related to a lacking vocabulary, except for derogatory female slurs. Basically, just because you curse like a sailor doesn’t mean you do so because you have a lack of other options.

2. It’s a sign of honesty

woman in casual clothes, smiling

You’re probably a pretty honest person. |

Blunt or not, cursing a ton could indicate someone who’s totally honest. According to research, people who use profanity are rarely associated with deception. So, rest assured when your partner can’t stop throwing curse words in your face during a fight — maybe they really are telling the truth.

3. It helps with pain

woman massaging her painful neck

Profanity may help with pain. |

Turns out, cursing is actually associated with a higher pain tolerance, or even relief from pain. Just think of a woman giving birth. It’s no wonder they tend to curse a lot during labor. One study publishes in The Journal of Pain found cursing provides “readily available and effective relief from pain.” Just bear in mind, they also mentioned it loses its efficacy if you do it all the time.

4. It makes you more persuasive

smiling man

You may be more persuasive than you think. |

If you think peppering your point with curse words helps drive your argument, you might be right. Forbes notes a study conducted by the Northern Illinois University looked at the effects of cursing in speeches. For this particular example, the speech, which was about lowering tuition, was delivered three times. And the most believable version? The one where the word “damn” was used at the beginning or end. It may have been a somewhat small sampling, but it’s definitely something.

5. It empowers you

Young brewer in front of metal containers

Your foul language may empower you. |

Don’t underestimate the power of your words. Good or bad, the language you choose says a lot. In Psychology Today, Neel Burton, M.D., writes, “By swearing we show, if only to ourselves, that we are not passive victims but empowered to react and fight back.” So, if you have no other reason, curse to make yourself feel confident and empowered.

6. It allows you to express your emotions openly

Young woman with glasses showing victory sign

You can feel free to truly express your feelings. |

If you’ve ever heard a person curse before, you’re probably aware there’s passion behind their words and in their delivery. Not surprisingly, ScienceDaily highlights evidence saying cursing has been linked to emotional arousal. So, perhaps dropping explicit language when you’re emotional helps in your delivery. And expressing yourself through foul language isn’t necessarily a bad thing if it means better delivery.

7. It allows you to bond with people

Couple watching a movie

You may be more able to bond with others. |

Most people tend to be a bit more reserved with their language when they’re around strangers. Just think about how often you refrain from dropping coarse language in front of your boss, or anyone else in a position of authority, for that matter. Similarly, when you’re around close friends, cursing is likely to come more naturally when you feel most comfortable. Elite Daily even suggests it can help you form bonds.

8. It helps release pent up anger

businessman shouting on the phone with gesture on the car

If you’re angry, cursing can help. |

Cursing can serve as a great stress reliever. Good news, right? Just as using your car horn can relieve pent up anger, so can cursing, according to Psych Central. So go ahead, curse on.

9. It elevates your endorphins

Smiling happy young woman giving her friend a lift in her car

You might even feel happier. |

An increase in feel-good emotions? OK then! According to Psychology Today, “The health benefits of swearing include increased circulation, elevated endorphins, and an overall sense of calm, control, and well-being.” Those are some serious health benefits.

10. It’s f***ing hilarious

couple laughing together

You’re sure to laugh. |

Cursing just adds a certain something, regardless of context. And when friends are enjoying each other’s company, dropping F-bombs is all the more fun. Whether it’s to get your point across or to tell a joke, some four letter words are just f***ing hilarious.