Common Baby Items That Are So Severely Dangerous They Can Result in Infant Death

Just because an item is made for babies, doesn’t mean it’s safe. From common items causing major trauma to items that are supposed to keep your baby out of harm’s way, we share some of the most shockingly dangerous baby items, ahead.

1. Changing tables

A mother changes a baby's diaper on a wooden table.

Make sure to change your baby only on stable surfaces. | Ridofranz/Getty Images

While the changing table in your nursery may be sturdy and safe to use, it’s not always the same with changing tables in places like public restrooms. If you’re worried about the potential dangers of changing tables, you can place a changing pad on the floor to change your baby’s diaper.

2. Sleep positioners

A mom holds her baby while he reaches for his feet.

These seemingly harmless positioners can be fatal. | Lydie B/iStock/Getty Images

Although they may have been invented to keep your baby safe while they sleep, sleep positioners are another baby item to watch out for. With the risk of rolling over, babies can often end up face-first in the sides of the positioners. Which can result in fatal suffocation.

3. Crib tent

A baby's nursery seen decorated with a white crib tent, patterned carpet and various toys.

These tents are fun and decorative, but very dangerous. |

Crib tents may be used to prevent your child from getting out of their crib. However, they’re not always safe. In some cases, babies may end up getting caught in the fabric, trapping them between the crib’s rails and the tent. On top of that, babies may also end up being strangled by the fabric.

4. Infant bath seats

A mother washes her baby's head.

Your baby’s body needs to be fully supported during baths. | Sorajack/iStock/Getty Images

As far as manufacture goes, bathtub seats aren’t dangerous. That said, depending on the supervision you provide, they can become death traps. By sitting upright in a bath seat, an infant can easily tip over and may become susceptible to injury, or worse.

5. Crib bumpers

A baby sleeps soundly in a white crib with a pink blanket.

You’ll want to clear your baby’s crib area as she sleeps. | Kikovic/iStock/Getty Images

Another baby item that poses a potential threat? Crib bumpers. Made to protect babies from hitting their head or getting their limbs stuck in the crib bars, these bumpers seem like a life saver. But, that’s not always the case. Similar to sleep positioners, babies can end up face first into the bumpers and suffocate.

6. Jumpers

A baby's legs seen above ground as he plays on a baby jumper.

Never rely on these fun jumpers to protect your baby. | Justtscott/iStock/Getty Images

In theory, jumpers sound like a great way to preoccupy your baby while you get things done around the house. That said, they can also be extremely harmful. From poorly secured jumpers to overly excited babies jumping too high, the baby item can result in cuts, bruises, and in some cases, fractures.

7. Bumbo seats

A baby sits on a bright green bumbo seat.

Always keep an eye on your adorable baby when using a bumbo seat. | Rob Hainer/iStock/Getty Images

Similar to bathtub seats, bumbo seats can also be a potential cause of injury. And it all depends on how much supervision the baby has. If left alone in a bumbo seat, babies can tip over. If placed on the floor, it may only cause a minor disturbance or scare. But, if the bumbo seat is on a countertop or table, the baby could become seriously hurt.

8. Car toys

A small toy car on a carpet.

Never leave tiny toys in your baby’s crib. |

If you’re using a car toy that came with your car seat, you should be in the clear, as most manufacturers of car seats crash test the seats with the toys attached. That said, since there’s no test proof that a third party toy would stay attached to the car seat in an accident, add-on toys could be a potential cause of harm.

9. Pillows

newborn baby girl looking with big beautiful hazel brown eyes

Baby will be fine without a pillow |

Similar to bumpers, you shouldn’t have pillows or blankets in the crib while your baby sleeps. A baby can suffocate from these extra crib items. In fact, “CPSC staff estimates that between 1992 and 2010 there were nearly 700 deaths involving infants 12 months and younger related to pillows and cushions placed in or near a baby’s sleep environment,” according to On Safety. “Nearly half of the infant crib deaths and two-thirds of bassinet deaths reported to CPSC each year are suffocations caused by pillows, thick quilts and/or overcrowding in the baby’s sleeping space.”