The Dark, Forgotten Secrets Behind Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ Marriage, Revealed

Prince Charles and Princess Diana may have looked like the perfect couple, but throughout the years of their tumultuous marriage, the public realized the pair’s romance was deceiving. Affairs, suicide attempts, and more tarnished the image of the most talked-about couple of the 20th century. Here are the dark secrets that lurked behind the scenes of this royal marriage.

Prince Charles wept the night before his wedding to Diana

Prince Charles stands in front of a microphone wearing a blue suit and tie.

Prince Charles knew he was marrying someone he did not love. | Carl Court/Getty Images

In the newest biography of the Prince, it’s revealed that he reportedly cried the night before he wed Princess Diana. The reason? His former flame, Camilla Parker Bowles. He was still torn up over his love for her and apprehensive about settling down with Diana. Camilla was seen as unfit to be Charles’ wife because of her past with her eventual husband, Andrew Parker Bowles.

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