The Dark Secrets Behind Fox News Hosts’ Relationships With Their Spouses

Fox News has seen a slew of scandals in recent years. But behind the scenes, even some of its most famous hosts have also had serious scandals in their marriages. While some couples’ marital problems are different than others, all of these hosts have struggled with their marriage in some way. Read on to see the good, the bad, and the ugly between these hosts and their spouses.

Sean Hannity

Sean Hannity on a red carpet.

Sean Hannity’s family life might not be what it seems. | Dimitrios Kambouris/iStock/Getty Images

Sean Hannity has been married to his wife, Jill Rhodes, since 1993. They have two children and live on Long Island. However, Hannity’s life is not picture perfect. In April 2017, he was slammed with sexual harassment rumors when one woman claimed he invited her back to his hotel room. However, Hannity was quick to deny the rumors, and the woman rescinded her accusation. It’s unclear if anything happened behind closed doors that would make her rethink her accusation, but he and his wife remained married through the troubles.

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Megyn Kelly

Megyn Kelly raising her hands during a panel interview.

Megyn Kelly’s previous husband might have cheated on her. | Jemal Countess/Getty Images

Megyn Kelly put her ex-husband in the spotlight when she alluded on air that she had been cheated on. The Fox News host is currently married to a novelist, and she insisted that it was not him who betrayed her. However, she did not clear her former husband’s name. Her ex, Dr. Dan Kendall, said in an interview with The Daily Mail that he was extremely hurt at Kelly’s insinuation. He said he would never cheat on her and that the two divorced amicably in 2006. Today, Kelly and her ex are on good terms, although she never made it clear whether he was unfaithful.

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Bill O’Reilly

Bill O'Reilly in a dark suit looking thoughtful, surrounded by people.

Bill O’Reilly’s ex-wife and daughter have spoken about him in a negative light. | Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Bill O’Reilly married Maureen McPhilmy in 1996. Although the two seemed to be in a happy marriage, the couple’s surprising divorce came in 2011. However, at the divorce proceedings, both McPhilmy and her daughter opened up about O’Reilly’s abusive behavior. McPhilmy said that he physically assaulted her after she caught him having “phone sex” in 2009. His daughter revealed that she had seen O’Reilly choking her mother.

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Bill O’Reilly’s sexual harassment scandal

Bill O'Reilly speaking in front of a crowd.

Bill O’Reilly is no stranger to sexual harassment allegations. | Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images

Although O’Reilly’s divorce came more than five years before his infamous sexual harassment scandal broke, it confirmed that O’Reilly had been unfaithful to McPhilmy while the two were married. She had caught him on the phone with another woman in the past, and in 2017, it was confirmed that he had sexually harassed multiple women over the years and paid out millions of dollars in settlements.

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Greta Van Susteren

Greta Van Susteren on a red carpet.

Does Scientology play a role in their marriage? | Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Greta Van Susteren and her husband, John Coale, have been through a lot since his cancer diagnosis in 2013. Van Susteren said the treatment was rough on the two of them. She often spent nights sleeping at the hospital, and he had multiple surgeries. She explained on her blog that things were tough, but they were managing.

Van Susteren and her husband have also come under fire for being members of the Church of Scientology. Coale has completed the second most powerful level and is heavily involved in the religion. There have not been any reports on how it affects the couple’s day to day marriage.

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Roger Ailes

Roger Ailes sitting while wearing a suit and red tie.

Roger Ailes’ wife stood by him through many scandals. | Fox

Before his sudden death, Fox News’ Chairman Roger Ailes was plagued with scandal when multiple women came forward to accuse him of sexual harassment. Ailes left Fox News in 2016 and retreated from the limelight until he died in May 2017. His wife, Elizabeth Tilson, stayed by his side through the scandals, but things must have been rough at home. Ailes made sexual advances toward up to 20 women while he was married to Tilson. The Daily Mail reported that Tilson reached out to Megyn Kelly, asking Kelly to defend Ailes against the claims. Kelly refused.

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Eric Bolling

Eric smiling as he stands on a red carpet.

Eric and his wife are still together. | Paul Morigi/Getty Images

Eric Bolling’s marriage to his wife, Adrienne, was put to the test when Bolling was fired from Fox News in 2017. He had sent unsolicited photos of his male genitalia to three female colleagues. Bolling’s show was canceled, and he was ousted. To make matters worse, the couple’s only child was found dead just hours after Bolling officially left Fox. In October 2017, the autopsy revealed that his son died from a drug overdose involving opioids. Bolling and his wife spent a lot of time grieving over the loss, plus the Fox News drama, but the two are still together.

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Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson sitting behind a news desk.

Tucker Carlson and his wife are still going strong. | Rob Kim/Stringer/Getty Images

Tucker Carlson married his high school sweetheart, Susan Andrews, in 1991. However, both his marriage and career were nearly derailed when a woman accused Carlson of raping her in a Kentucky pizza restaurant in the early 2000s. Carlson stood by his word that the woman was lying. Eventually, she admitted that she had a mental disorder that made her think that, and that Carlson never touched her. Since then, his marriage has seemed stable and the two are still together.

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Rick Leventhal

Rick Leventhal looking down as he plays a game of poker.

Rick Leventhal and his wife married after just four months of dating. | Gary Gershoff/Getty Images

Fox News correspondent Rick Leventhal eloped with professional poker player Beth Shak in June 2016. The couple had only known each other for four months when they tied the knot. By April 2017, Shak had filed for divorce. She cited “irreconcilable differences” as the cause. The nine-month marriage fizzled out quickly. “I’m heartbroken our marriage didn’t work out, and I only wish her happiness,” Leventhal told Page Six. Both had been married previously.

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Jeanine Pirro

Judge Jeanine Pirro on 'Justice with Judge Jeanine'.

Jeanine Pirro divorced her husband. | Fox News

The host of Justice with Judge Jeanine, Jeanine Pirro’s marriage was split wide open in 2000 when her husband was convicted on 34 counts of tax evasion and conspiracy. Her husband also admitted to fathering a child with another woman. Pirro tried to stick by his side, even as the spotlight engulfed them. However, in 2007, she announced she had filed for divorce, ending the rocky marriage. The couple has two children together.

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Chris Wallace

Chris and Lorraine posing on a red carpet.

Chris and Lorraine are still together. | Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images

Chris Wallace’s first marriage was to Elizabeth Farrell. Although the couple had two children, the marriage did not last. After they divorced, Wallace began dating Lorraine Smothers. Rumors swirled because Smothers was still married to comedian Dick Smothers at the time. The affair later came out, but the couple stuck together. Perhaps the saying, “Once a cheater, always a cheater,” does not apply to Wallace’s marriage.

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John Roberts

Kristen Welker of NBC News (L) and John Roberts of FOX News

Kristen Welker of NBC News (L) and John Roberts of FOX News | Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images

Fox News anchor John Roberts and his wife Kyra Phillips struggled with fertility issues for many years throughout their marriage. Roberts and Phillips finally opened up about the marital challenges that came with not being able to have kids. She eventually wrote a book about understanding fertility, and made an appearance on Fox & Friends with her husband. The couple eventually was able to have twins via in vitro fertilization.

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Neil Cavuto

Neil Cavuto interviewing people in a crowd.

Neil Cavuto’s busy schedule keeps him away from his family. | Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images

Neil Cavuto has been married Mary Fulling since 1983. The two have three children together. Cavuto opened up to in 2015 about how difficult it can be to keep relationships intact when work gets in the way. “I’ve missed more than a few [games and recitals] over the years with my daughter and sons,” he said in the interview. While Cavuto and his wife have remained married all these years, he admits that with his high-profile career, it has not always been easy.

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James Rosen

James Rosen

James Rosen | Fox

Fox News correspondent James Rosen’s marriage took a hit when he was fired from the network following sexual abuse allegations. Rosen was accused of acts against several women, including groping one colleague in a cab. When she refused his advances, he allegedly attempted to steal her news stories in retaliation. Rosen has been married to Sara Durkin since 2004. The couple has two sons together. There have been no reports on the status of their marriage since the harassment allegations came out.

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Steve Doocy

Steve Doocy sitting on a couch during a segment.

According to Gretchen Carlson, Steve Doocy was violent on set. | Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Steve Doocy married Katherine Gerrity in 1986. However, Doocy found himself in the spotlight for reasons besides hosting the news. Gretchen Carlson implicated him in her Roger Ailes lawsuit for being discriminatory against Carlson based on her gender. Carlson accused him of “severe and pervasive” sexual harassment. She claimed he constantly belittled her for being a woman and even got physical with her during a newscast once. Doocy’s wife did not comment on the situation, but hopefully, she spoke to him behind the scenes. Sexism toward one woman is sexism toward all women.

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