Dark Secrets Behind Prince Charles’ Romantic Relationship With Princess Diana’s Sister

It’s fairly common knowledge that Prince Charles was associated with a number of women before he dated and married Lady Diana Spencer. But what many don’t know is that he dated Diana’s sister, Lady Sarah McCorquodale, prior to that. But it doesn’t stop there — their relationship and subsequent falling out wasn’t without scandal.

For starters, when did this happen?

Lady Sarah Spencer at Princess Diana's wedding.

Sarah Spencer matched her sister with Prince Charles. | Keystone/Stringer

Prince Charles and Lady Sarah dated in 1977. She even credits herself with introducing Charles to her younger sister — and his future wife — after her own relationship with him had fizzles out. “I introduced them. I’m Cupid,” she reportedly said after the two got engaged.

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What Sarah did that ended the relationship

A close up of Lady Spencer.

She gave reporters an inside look into their relationship. |Scott Barbour/Getty Images

While they certainly steal many headlines, members of the British royal family don’t really talk to the press. They either give a well-rehearsed interview, or send out a general memo from the palace. So naturally, it didn’t go over well when the then Lady Sarah Spencer sat down to lunch with two reporters and dished about being Prince Charles’ girlfriend.

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What exactly did she say?

Lady Sarah Spencer walking past reporters.

She revealed quite a bit about her personal life. | Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

Lady Sarah reportedly told reporters James Whittaker and Nigel Nelson that she had made a scrapbook of all the press clippings about her romance with Prince Charles. According to Wikipedia, she also “admitted to having been diagnosed with anorexia, having thousands of boyfriends,” and allegedly had “a past problem involving alcohol.”

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The biggest bombshell

Prince Charles of Wales in a dark blue suit.

Sarah Spencer knew that Prince Charles wasn’t the man for her.  | Carl Court/Getty Images

Despite seeming infatuated with her connection to the royal family, Lady Sarah reportedly let if fly that she had no intention of marrying the Prince of Wales. In fact, she went so far as to say that she wouldn’t marry Charles “if he were the dustman or the King of England.”

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Charles’ reaction

Princess Diana and Prince Charles sitting together.

Prince Charles was not pleased with what Sarah Spencer did. | Patrick Riviere/Getty Images

Not long after her lunch with Whittman and Nelson, Sarah’s quotes surfaced for the public to read. Needless to say, Prince Charles was less than amused. According to Wikipedia, Charles said: “You’ve just done something incredibly stupid.” He broke off the relationship after that, and were not on good terms for some time.

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How did this impact the sisters’ relationship?

Prince Charles comforting Sarah Spencer at Princess Diana's funeral.

They seemed to have patched things up at some point. | Martin Hayhow/Getty Images

A few outlets have hinted that their relationships with Charles put strain on Sarah and Diana’s relationship. However those close to the two, including their brother Andrew Morton, claim that the sisters remained close even though Diana married Charles. At the end of Diana’s life, Sarah even served as one of the ladies-in-waiting.

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What is Lady Sarah up to now?

Sarah Spencer walks out of a building.

She works hard to keep her sister’s memory alive. | Shaun Curry/AFP/Getty Images

Following Diana’s tragic death, Lady Sarah McCorquodale worked to keep her late sister’s memory alive. She was president of the Princess Diana Memorial Fund, and has participated in many biographies built on preserving the Princess of Wales’ image. Sarah has also reportedly stayed close to Diana’s sons, Princes William and Harry. (She was also at Prince William’s wedding to Kate Middleton in 2011.)

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