The Real Reason This Dating App Won’t Let Users Post Photos of Guns

Over 30 million men and women use Bumble, an online dating service in which women are in charge of “making the first move” once they find a potential match.

The app’s human moderators do a pretty good job of keeping an eye out for banned content — everything from nudity to offensive or harmful language. Now, this dating app won’t let users post photos of guns — and that’s probably a good thing.

Bumble says ‘no more guns’

Bumble has just updated their terms and conditions. | Tabatha Fireman/Getty Images for Bumble

On March 5, 2018, Bumble announced they were updating their terms and conditions to include a ban on all past and future photos of guns and other weapons. The app finalized this policy change several weeks after 17 people lost their lives to gun violence in Parkland, Florida.

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The app will remove all photos and mentions of weapons

Man with gloves using cellphone outdoors

Gun photos are officially out. | KristinaJovanovic/iStock/Getty Images

Shortly following the official announcement, the app began banning all new uploads of photos containing gun-related or similarly violent content. They also started digging through their archives, removing any photos that no longer followed the new user agreement.

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If that seems like a lot of work … well, it is

A lot of people are involved in making this work. | Thomas Coex/AFP/GettyImages

About 5,000 moderators worldwide now keep an eye out — and remove — any images related to firearms that have or will appear on the app. At this point, though, they still can’t do anything about photos integrated into people’s profiles from their Instagram accounts.

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What happens if someone tries to post a photo of a gun anyway?

Young woman is taking a selfie

A violation of rules results in getting banned from Bumble. |

According to Bumble’s terms and conditions, there is a “zero-tolerance policy” in place for content that is offensive, violent, or otherwise inappropriate by their standards. As with any other platform, if you don’t follow the rules, you get banned — unless you’re a member of a certain profession, that is.

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This rule won’t apply if you’re law enforcement or military

Police and servicemembers are exempt. | Scott Olson/Getty Images

Some members of the app don’t apply to the new condition. Bumble included a disclaimer in their announcement on The Beehive clarifying that members of the military or law enforcement pictured in uniform on their profiles won’t have their photos removed.

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Bumble doesn’t think guns align with their mission statement

woman teasing man

Bumble is supposed to be safe, not threatening. |

They wrote in a blog post, “Online behavior can both mirror and predict how people treat each other in the real world… gun violence is not in line with our values, nor do these weapons belong on Bumble.”

This isn’t the first time they’ve made a point to keep Bumble users safe, either. They have already banned hate speech and inappropriate sexual content from the interface to protect both men and women from potentially dangerous encounters both on and offline.

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Will the ban really help keep people safe?

The Parkland shooting is a reason why Bumble made its move. | Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

Changing their image policy isn’t the only move the online dating platform has made to help keep people safe from violence.

The final paragraph of Bumble’s announcement said the company would be donating $100,000 to March for Our Lives. Parkland survivors created the organization to begin a movement against gun violence in the United States.

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