Dating Someone New? 4 Reasons Why They’re Ignoring Your Calls

Once you start dating someone special, you start to have wild fantasies about what the future may hold. You imagine the two of you hitting it off, running away together, and living happily ever after. As you snap back to reality during your date, you struggle to contain your excitement. However, sometimes the excitement is one-sided. One clue is that every call leads to your date’s voicemail. After a couple of days have passed, you don’t hear back at all. Your future significant other (or so you thought) has disappeared forever. What went wrong? Here’s why that not-so-special someone is ignoring calls.

1. You’re too pushy

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A new love will run the other way if you push too hard. In the early stages of dating, take it slow and let things develop naturally. If you put pressure on someone new to commit too soon, chances are you’ll begin to push that person away because it will cause him or her to feel suffocated. No one wants to be forced into a relationship.

Dating and relationship expert Natalie Lue said on her site it’s important to remember that just because you’re dating doesn’t mean you’re automatically in a relationship. Rather, it is a discovery phase where you and your future significant other are getting to know each other. “Use the period from when you meet whether it starts out online or in the ‘real world’ as an opportunity for you both to discover the ‘facts’ about one another and assimilate whether you want to progress… or opt out,” she advised.

2. Your date doesn’t like you

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Another reason your phone isn’t ringing is because your date just isn’t interested. April Masini, relationship expert and founder of advice column Ask April, said it’s key to accept this early on, then get on with your life. She drives this point home when replying to a reader who wants to know why her special someone is ignoring her. She explained on her forum, “The answer to your question is simple. He’s ignoring your phone calls because he doesn’t want to talk to you. How hard is it to pick up the phone, after all? Not hard at all! If he wanted to, he would. He doesn’t, and he’s not. But you’re not getting the message.”

3. Your date is hiding something

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If your date disappears without warning and stays out of sight, you might want to be thankful you dodged a bullet. Sometimes a new love disappears because they’re doing something sneaky on the side and their conscience got the best of them. When a secret becomes too hard to keep, some people decide to take the easy route and “ghost” their date. One of the top reasons a new person pulls a disappearing act is if he or she has a spouse that was never mentioned. Your date may also be hiding a secret addiction. If you don’t hear back, sometimes it’s best to breathe a sigh of relief and move on.

4. Your date isn’t over an ex

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Sometimes the problem isn’t you. It could be that your date is still healing from an old relationship. You may have been the rebound, and it just wasn’t working out. He or she may have been trying to move on, using you to help with the process. Learn from this and keep your heart open to someone who is emotionally ready for a relationship.

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