This 1 Deadly Bacteria Found in a North Korean Will Have You Fearing Kim Jong Un Even More

It’s no secret that Kim Jong Un stops at nothing. North Koreans have been suffering for years while Kim works on his nuclear program. But now, there’s a whole new factor in the mix: Potentially deadly biological weapons. Here are some deadly problems going on in North Korea, plus that one fatal bacteria that could have us all fearing for our lives (check out page 4).

North Koreans are suffering from malnutrition

North Korean Merchant

A lot of North Koreans don’t have access to an adequate amount of food. | Ed Jones/AFP/Getty Images

Not only do most North Koreans not have enough food, but now North Korean soldiers don’t, either. In August 2017, The Guardian reported that North Korea experienced its biggest drought in nearly 20 years. People have resorted to selling food on a private market. Kim Jong Un has allowed this because he knows the nation would collapse otherwise.

North Korea hardly has enough food to feed its army, and Japanese journalists inside North Korea reported that there was talk of war between the United States. However, Kim’s soldiers are in such poor physical condition that the country believes they’re in no position to fight.

There’s an infectious disease endemic

North Koreans walking down the street

North Koreans have to deal with a plethora of diseases. | MARK RALSTON/AFP/Getty Images

North Koreans have been plagued with disease. Refugees from the country frequently test positive for diseases like tuberculosis and viral hepatitis. Plus, malaria has been endemic in the country for years. While refugees can receive proper treatment, North Korea has become so poor that its crumbling healthcare system can’t always help those within its borders. Infant mortality rates are also much higher than they should be, likely because of North Korea’s poor healthcare.

Defectors have shown signs of radiation exposure

This September 6, 2017 picture released from North Korea's official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) on September 7, 2017 shows Pyongyang residents greeting arrival of contributors to the test of a hydrogen bomb for ICBM in Pyongyang.

Tests have shown that North Koreans are exposed to radiation. | STR/AFP/Getty Images

In October 2017, South Korean officials began testing North Korean defectors from Kilju, North Korea, a known nuclear test site. Four defectors have shown symptoms of radiation, but researchers can’t determine yet whether or not it was the result of nuclear tests. They were tested about one month after a supposed hydrogen bomb was tested in that area.

Those who showed exposure actually defected before the most recent hydrogen bomb test, and researchers believe they were exposed somewhere between 2009 and 2013. However, the scientists did point out that the signs of radiation exposure could also have been caused by other factors such as smoking.

A North Korean soldier just tested positive for anthrax antibodies

Military in North Korea

Inhaling anthrax is fatal. | Ed Jones/AFP/Getty Images

Anthrax are a type of bacteria that produce deadly toxins in the body if ingested. The bacteria is not contagious but can kill quickly if not properly treated. However, even after the bacteria are killed, the toxins may remain in the body and continue to do damage.

A North Korean defector just recently tested positive for anthrax antibodies, indicating an anthrax vaccination. This leads officials to believe that Kim has a stockpile of vaccines for military men. Unconfirmed reports said that Kim is looking for ways to load anthrax into his missiles. Anthrax can be treated, but inhalation of the deadly bacteria is usually fatal. According to the FDA, nearly 80% of those exposed do not survive.

There’s potential for biological warfare

Kim Jong Un giving a statement at a desk with books behind him

It is believed that North Korea would more than likely participate in biological warfare. | STR/AFP/Getty Images

Documents from the South Korean Defense Ministry indicate that North Korea is in possession of many types of deadly bacteria, Newsweek reported. Anthrax, small pox, botulism, typhoid fever, and more could potentially be used as biological weapons of destruction. South Korea believes that Pyongyang could weaponized these diseases in as few as 10 days. The South Korean government also thinks anthrax and small pox would be prioritized above the others — anthrax for its fatality rate, and small pox because it’s very contagious.

Should the U.S. be worried?

north korea military marching at the capitol

Malnourished soldiers probably won’t be of much assistance on the battle field. | Ed Jones/AFP/Getty Images

Biological warfare is no joke. Using toxins to kill Americans is likely on Kim’s to-do list. However, sanctions on North Korea have left Kim searching for funds to keep his program running. It has resulted in famine and disease in his country because money is not being put toward food and healthcare. Business Insider reported that North Korea spends less than $1 U.S. per capita on healthcare. Plus, with his soldiers in a damaged physical state due to this year’s drought, it’s likely that he won’t send a bomb our way any time soon. While a bomb would do damage, Kim knows that his malnourished army would not be able to face the consequences.

People are becoming more concerned about the Winter Olympics

Olympic rings at the 2016 Rio Games

Athletes are concerned that North Korea will cause trouble during the Winter Olympics. | KIRILL KUDRYAVTSEV/AFP/Getty Images

PyeongChang, South Korea will host the 2018 Winter Olympics. They kick off February 9. With tensions between North Korea at an all-time high, and Kim willing to stop at nothing, people have begun to worry about the games. France threatened to pull out of the Olympics over security concerns. South Korea has begun anti-terror drills in the event of a bombing, hostage situation, or a car ramming into a stadium. Drills have been done for bombs attached to drones, too. Kim has created a heightened sense of fear among the world’s athletes.

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