Demi Lovato’s New Single Reveals Her Recent Sobriety Relapse

Singer Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato | Antonio de Moraes Barros Filho/Getty Images for ARD Foundation

We know Demi Lovato best for her music — but we’re also familiar with the star’s past dealings with addiction. Lovato has always candidly discussed what she’s dealt with growing up as a child star. And now that she’s 25, she’s more open than ever with her sobriety and personal life.

In regards to growing up in the limelight, Lovato told People she wished she didn’t enter the entertainment industry at such a young age. “I wouldn’t start that young if I could do it over again,” she said, as it was a “difficult transition from child start to transforming into a mainstream artist.”

Lovato also mentioned finding your identity when you’re thrust into the spotlight is difficult — and it can lead to developing unhealthy habits. “For so long you’ve been molded into something and then you’re expected to figure out who you are very fast in front of the entire world,” she added.

Now, Lovato’s back in the music game stronger than ever with a new hit single, “Sober.” And even before that, she’s spilled her story via a very personal documentary so fans can see just how much she’s been through.

Her tell-all documentary was eye-opening for fans

If you weren’t aware of Lovato’s past before her documentary hit, you certainly are now. Billboard reports her film, Demi Lovato: Simply Complicated, was made exclusively for YouTube and showed Lovato creating her sixth studio album, “Tell Me You Love Me.” While making her album, however, she also told personal stories regarding her struggles.

Lovato gives a powerful opening monologue in her documentary, too. “I’ve learned that secrets make you sick,” she said in a voiceover. “I’ve learned that love is necessary. Heartbreak is unavoidable, and loneliness is brutal. I’ve learned that the key to being happy is to tell your truth and be OK without all the answers.”

She first used cocaine at just 17 years old

Lovato was introduced to drugs at a young age, Billboard reminds us. Not only was she relentlessly bullied in her younger years, but one of her popular friends gave her Adderall and cocaine at just 17. At the time, she was working for the Disney Channel. She mentions she was scared to do it, but after trying it, she fell in love with the drug.

Addiction runs in Lovato’s family as well. She didn’t have a close relationship with her biological father, as she said he chose drugs and alcohol over her family. “I guess I always searched for what he found in drugs and alcohol because it fulfilled him,” she said. Her father died in 2013 from cancer.

Lovato revealed she has bipolar disorder

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato | Rich Fury/Getty Images

The drug and alcohol use was alarming to those close with Lovato, and Women’s Health reveals she also dealt with cutting, bulimia, and bouts of depression. She entered rehab in 2011 at just 22 years old, where she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

While her depressive episodes were more obvious to those around her, Lovato remembers her manic episodes very vividly. She explained she would find herself staying up until 5 a.m. some nights, writing song after song. “Sometimes I felt invincible, and it was these moments when my mind would go all over the place,” she said. And because she didn’t know she was bipolar, she self-medicated with substance abuse, too.

Going into treatment was one of the best things she could have done for herself, though. With the help of her doctors, she figured out her bipolar diagnosis. “It was a great feeling to find out that there wasn’t anything wrong with me. I just had a mental illness,” she added.

Recovery is something Lovato worked at every day

Anyone with an addiction can tell you recovery isn’t an easy process. According to Women’s Health, Lovato was often tempted to slip back into her old ways, too. “But I know everything that I would lose — not only my friends and family, but my fans. They look up to me, and I don’t want anyone to think that it’s okay to go back on what you stand for.”

Lovato also mentions certain daily routines — like exercising for an hour per day — help keep her sober and mentally healthy.

Her new single revealed her relapse

Page Six reports Demi was just celebrating six years of sobriety — but her new single, “Sober” reveals a recent truth. The lyrics of “Sober” read, “To the ones who never left me/We’ve been down this road before/I’m so sorry, I’m not sober anymore.”

In her song, she goes on to apologize further for wanting to be a role model, but still being “only human.” “I’m sorry that I’m here again/I promise I’ll get help/It wasn’t my intention/I’m sorry to myself,” she sings.

This isn’t the first time fans caught wind that something may have been going on Lovato. In the past weeks, she’s tweeted about sharing “The honest to God, uncomfortable and shocking truth.” In May, she also wrote, “Sometimes you have to end an era to begin talking about a new chapter in your life.”

That doesn’t mean it’s all bad, though. Early in June, Lovato also said that she’s grown more in the past two months” than she has “in years.” We’re hoping that whatever relapse may have happened, she’s back on track now for her fans, and most importantly, for herself.

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