The Desired Side Effects Marijuana Growers Want

When it comes to growing marijuana, there’s a whole lot more involved than just creating a product that gets the consumer high. Pot growers are trying to achieve certain chemical compositions when they grow and crossbreed marijuana strains. This is to help individuals with specific ailments, especially in the medical marijuana world.

Here, we take a look at some of the desired effects that growers want marijuana strains to have.

Something that helps with opioid addiction


Marijuana could help combat the opioid crisis. | John Moore/Getty Images

The battle against opioid addiction is an ongoing problem in the country. But there is a marijuana compound that can help with that. Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a non-psychoactive compound that has been found to help reduce the symptoms of opioid withdrawal. Leafly refers to a 2014 study which found that states with medical marijuana laws had fewer opioid-related overdoses. And in an interview with Fox News, Dr. Mehmet Oz said that marijuana could help end the opioid epidemic.

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Arthritis relief

Swollen joints due to inflammation can occur when you pick exercising back up | points to five different marijuana hybrids, made from either Sativa or Indica — the two best-known marijuana plants out there. Both plants are effective at relieving pain, but give the body very different highs. Indica gives the body an all-over high and can cause sleepiness. (More on that later.) On the other hand, Sativa relieves pain while giving the person an energetic, uplifting feeling. Varying strains of cannabis give arthritis sufferers a wide variety of medical marijuana to choose from.

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Pain relief from glaucoma

man getting an eye exam at the optometrist's office

Marijuana can relieve pain caused by glaucoma. | Source: iStock

Marijuana has been used to treat glaucoma patients since the 1970s. And marijuana growers make a few different hybrids that reduce the optic nerve pain in glaucoma patients. Cannabis Training University says medium potency Sativa-based strains like Jack the Ripper are good for glaucoma patients.

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Appetite stimulant

Chicken with tortellini and vegetable TV dinner in a plastic tray with a fork atop a wood table.

For patients with a lack of appetite, marijuana can help. |

Getting “the munchies” is often seen as a negative side effect of marijuana. But for people suffering from nausea and a lack of appetite, medical marijuana is just what the doctor ordered. Leafly highlights 10 strains that are good for stimulating hunger like Gigabud and Monster Cookies, most of which are Indica-heavy. The site cautions that a little of these strains goes a long way, and can leave you “couch locked” and sleepy.

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Insomnia help

Portrait of a man sleeping soundly in his bedroom.

Indicas can put you right to sleep. | Minerva Studio/Getty Images

Marijuana growers look to Indica-based concoctions that help insomnia sufferers get some much needed shut-eye. Leafly tells us that aged cannabis is more effective at helping you sleep than fresh flowers, and that edibles can help you stay asleep for longer. However, they also caution to beware of strains and edibles that have a high THC count, which can cause anxiety.

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Anxiety relief — based on the strain

A woman smokes marijuana in a water pipe

The right strains of marijuana can keep you relaxed. | KENZO TRIBOUILLARD/AFP/Getty Images

Ever wonder why some strains of marijuana mellow you out, while others make you feel paranoid and jittery? It has to do with the levels of THC — the chemical compound in marijuana with psychoactive properties. “Studies have shown that strong doses of THC can significantly increase paranoid thinking,” Leaf Science summarizes. If you suffer from anxiety or are prone to paranoia and negative emotions, you should steer clear of THC-heavy strains of marijuana. Stick to CBD-heavy crossbreeds.

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Support for depression

doctor hand offering to patient medical marijuana

Marijuana can treat depression, combat headaches, and boost creativity. | megaflopp/iStock/Getty Images

Remember how we said that Sativa is an upper? Marijuana growers depend on it in hybrids that help to fight depression. (Too much Sativa can be too invigorating for treating depression, warns.) Sativa-dominant hybrids that help with depression have also been known to relieve headaches and boost creativity.

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