4 Ways to Detox After Overeating and Drinking Too Much

An occasional weekend of bad eating and over-drinking happens to the best of us. Maybe you had friend in town or maybe you just decided to ignore all the warning signs and spend the weekend like a 21-year-old. Over-drinking will lead to dehydration and headaches, while overeating will leave you bloated and uncomfortable and may even spur on some heartburn.

Regardless of your physical symptoms, guilt is guaranteed to show up at one point or another. After a weekend of drinking, eating, and more drinking your body will be begging you for some love. Avoid the urge to subsist on water and celery sticks on Monday and detox the healthy way with these tips.

1. Drink warm lemon water

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Mug of lemon water | Source: iStock

Start Monday morning with a tall glass of warm lemon water. Warm water is less of a shock to your sensitive morning body than ice-cold water and a fresh squeezed lemon will help jump-start your digestion to get some of that heavy, fatty foods out of your system. In fact, lemon may just be your best friend for the next week. Livestrong explained, unlike other fruits, lemon doesn’t cause bloating. Adding a squeeze to your water will encourage you to drink up, leading to better digestion.

2. Link up with your sleep cycle


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After a weekend of drinking your precious REM cycle of deep sleep will be interfered by late nights, too much food, and booze. Without enough clean, deep sleep you’ll be walking around at work like a zombie. Get back on track by aiming for 8 to 10 hours of sleep all week. Start Sunday night if you can, but if not, shoot for Monday. Determine a realistic time you’ll have to wake up and count back at least eight hours. To help you sleep, avoid checking your Instagram feed or watching the latest Jimmy Fallon right before bed.

3. Go high intensity at the gym

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Man working out at the gym | Source: iStock

This will either sound horrible or wonderful to you after a long weekend of skipping exercise, binging on BBQ, and pounding beer. Regardless of your initial reaction, get out there and do it. Lift like Arnold or do interval training instead of your regular slow jog. Make it your personal goal to sweat a lot and get your heart pounding. If there’s one good thing about binge eating, it’s that you’ll have the energy (and hopefully the desire) to give whatever you do 100%.

4. Make friends with simple, healthy food

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Healthy foods | Source: iStock

After a weekend of carb-loading and overeating you may swear that come Monday morning you won’t be hungry. However, you may be surprised to find out you wake up starving. According to Eat This, Not That!, after a big meal your insulin spikes, then your blood sugar drops, which actually increases feelings of hunger in the morning. Skip the sugary cereal and focus on getting protein and fiber. Try eggs topped with avocado and a cup of fruit. Eat normal servings the rest of the day and into the week but try to stick to simple, protein-filled foods like veggies, fruits, and lean proteins.

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