Did Martha Stewart Peak in Prison? How She Lost 10 Pounds and Found Her Best Self Behind Bars

With a recognizable smile, a multi-million dollar empire, and recipes the days, it’s no secret that Martha Stewart has been at the top of her game for quite some time. But is it possible that the entrepreneur was actually at the best shape of latter years while she was in prison back in 2004? She was reportedly became “lean and healthy-looking” when she did time at Alderson Federal Prison Camp in West Virginia. How could this be?

Here’s a look at how Snoop Dog’s favorite TV show co-host made the most of her time behind bars and got into shape. (The biggest secret is likely page 7.)


Martha Stewart arrives in court

Martha Stewart was able to garden while in prison. | Stephen Chernin/Getty Images

Martha Stewart spent time at Alderson doing what she does best — gardening. She reportedly made the most of her time “foraging dandelions and other wild greens,” according to Fox News. While this isn’t the high-style gardening she’s used to, Stewart likely still burned the 238 calories an hour from weeding.

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Raking leaves


She didn’t shovel snow, but she raked leaves. | iStock.com

There was reportedly griping from other inmates that Stewart got off easy by not having to shovel snow. She did, however, reportedly help rake leaves and vacuum. In addition to being great arm workouts, raking leaves itself can burn around 170 calories in just 30 minutes.

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Person Sweeping Floor With Broom And Dustpan

She spent a lot of time cleaning the floors. | AndreyPopov/iStock/Getty Images

Flip through the pages of Martha Stewart Living, and you will find more home organization tips from the homemaker herself than you’ll know what to do with. Stewart did something similar during her time at Alderson, where she scrubbed floors and organized the administrative offices. (According to Shape, washing the floor can burn up to 187 calories in 30 minutes.)

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Yoga mat

She even skipped Thanksgiving dinner to do yoga.| Nattakorn Maneerat/iStock/Getty Images

According to People, Stewart did plenty of yoga while she was doing time at Alderson. In fact, they reported that on Thanksgiving, Stewart spent an hour of that day doing yoga, which can burn anywhere from 120 to 180 calories in an hour. (Which certainly beats stuffing your face with stuffing, which Stewart reportedly didn’t do.)

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Blur chefs of a restaurant kitchen

She was still able to cook in prison. | iStock.com/bgton

Not even a prison stay for insider trading can keep Martha Stewart out of the kitchen. According to CNN, Stewart made the most with the few ingredients she had to work with and made things such as pasta with olive oil and her famous crab-apple jelly. And since she was reportedly trying to watch what she ate behind bars, the 150 calories she burned cooking likely counted.

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Taking walks


She walked the grounds whenever she could. | RICHARD BOUHET/AFP/Getty Images

Everyone knows a walk does you good, right? Martha Stewart knows that, and took regular saunters around the prison grounds when she wasn’t busy with her duties. While she likely wasn’t walking far enough to burn a ton of calories, a brisk walk benefits all parts of the body, especially the heart.

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Hitting the weight room

Like many people in prison, she hit the gym. | iStock

That right — everyone’s favorite homemaker reportedly took full advantage of the weight room while she was at Alderson. According to People, she was a big fan of abdominal workouts and the free weights. (Those activities burn can each burn over 200 calories per hour.)

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