Did Thanksgiving Ruin Your Diet? 5 Ways You Can Detox

Bad Thanksgiving eating doesn’t usually last one day, it typically lasts about a week or more. You are busy celebrating with family and friends and are caught up in the holiday spirit. You think you can go for grandma’s extra helping of pie or your aunt’s classic mashed potato recipe with extra gravy. You have leftovers for days and prefer to eat delicious, home-cooked food you only get to enjoy once a year. Plus, you’re piling on more layers and probably don’t notice that you’re getting a bit of a belly.

Holidays are truly wonderful but dangerous for our healthy habits. The average American gains 10 pounds over the holiday season, and the average person eats about 4,000 calories on Thanksgiving alone. That’s pretty repulsive. While allowing yourself to splurge is healthy, there comes a time when you need to cut ties with the fattening enemy that is Thanksgiving food.

Between now and the New Year, it’s important to get into a healthy routine and not letting yourself go. Keep yourself in check and follow these steps to successfully getting back to a healthy lifestyle (or kickstarting a long-awaited diet!) and detox from all of that Thanksgiving goodness.

1. Drink lemon water every morning


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Drink a glass of lemon water in the morning, according to Men’s Fitness. Lisa Moskovitz, R.D., founder of Your NY Dietician, says that lemon water helps the liver detoxify the body and water allows nutrients to more effectively travel through our blood stream. This will set the tone for your post-Thanksgiving week binge.

Lemon water is a great thing to add to your daily diet — binge or not. Get into the good habit of doing this daily.

2. Eat clean

Nutritionist Lisa Hayim told Elite Daily that “Focus on whole, raw, fresh foods — especially fruits and vegetables. Foods like raw baby carrots, bell peppers and salads can flush the body with micronutrients and make a delicious snack.”

Packaged foods are full of preservatives, sodium and other toxins that aren’t good for us after clogging our arteries with fatty, bad foods. Focus on whole foods, like fruits and vegetables, in order to amplify the detox process post-Thanksgiving. Eat healthy amounts of every food group on the pyramid and focus on a balanced diet. Try adding nutrients through juice to your diet as well. It’s not a juice cleanse, just an added nutrient-base to a healthy diet.

3. Jump right into your workout routine


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This can be walking 15 minutes a day on the treadmill until you get motivation again. After your holi-week binge, your motivation is probably non-existent. By getting into your workout routine, despite your 3-day hangover, it is surely better than nothing. Plus, by getting into a workout routine now, you’ll feel more motivated to eat healthy up until the New Year. You don’t want to enter the New Year feeling like a bloated slob who has to make up extra work in the beginning of the year.

Try yoga to balance your conscience and snap out of your holiday binge. This way you will think before you act.

4. Focus on portion sizes

Eat smaller portions of meals throughout the day to help regulate your body weight. Whether this is eating five or six small meals, of about 200-250 calories per day, or just cutting down on your portions for your normal three meals, it’s beneficial not to overindulge. Get your body back in the rhythm of eating good, whole foods. Plus by cutting down your portion sizes, you may be able to shed the extra few pounds you gained over Thanksgiving week.

5. Set goals

Weekends between now and New Year’s are riddled with holiday parties, office treats, family gatherings, and holiday spirit that fosters unhealthy eating and drinking. Stay balanced, forgive yourself for overeating, and set goals. Set goals to eat clean by following the 80/20 rule, 80% of your choices healthy, 20% unhealthy. Unhealthy doesn’t mean gorging down bags of chips, but maybe allowing yourself some extra drinks on the weekend or an unhealthy meal here or there. Stay balanced, set goals, and you’ll find yourself a few pounds lighter after Thanksgiving and before the next holiday.

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