Dunkin’ Donuts is Making a Big Change

Dunkin Donuts

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If you like to have your coffee and donuts in the morning, Dunkin’ Donuts is likely one of your morning stops. However, your favorite coffee store is planning a major change. Dunkin’ Donuts as you know it will be very different.

Here’s the big change coming to a Dunkin’ Donuts near you.

No stranger to change

This isn’t the first time Dunkin’ Donuts is making a change. They regularly experiment with the menu and try to bring new and exciting offerings. One of the restaurant’s most recent experiments was when it introduced donut fries.

The big change

So, what’s the big change coming to Dunkin’ Donuts? Much to the dismay of fans, the company announced it will be changing its name and brand identity. The store will go from being called Dunkin’ Donuts to simply Dunkin’. That’s right, just Dunkin’. The word “donuts” will no longer be part of the brand’s name. The name change was originally a test, but now it’s official.

That’s not all that’s changing

Dunkin’ Donuts is also planning major changes to its stores. Back in January 2018, Dunkin’ Donuts revealed its next generation concept store in Quincy, Massachusetts, the city where it opened its first location more than six decades ago. The announcement was made on the company’s website early in 2018:

The new Dunkin’ Donuts restaurant at 588 Washington Street in Quincy, Massachusetts offers the first look at the brand’s U.S. store of the future experience, with a modern atmosphere and new and innovative technologies and design elements—including the first drive-thru exclusively for mobile ordering—to make running on Dunkin’ faster and more convenient than ever before.

What you can expect

  • New interior: The inside of the restaurants will undergo some design changes. The updates will include lighter colors, an open store layout and natural light.
  • Faster drive-thru: Dunkin’ Donuts also wants to make service quicker at the drive-thru. They plan to do this by adding an On-the-Go drive-thru lane. This lane allows DD Perks® members who place orders through Dunkin’ Donuts’ mobile app to bypass the ordering lane and go to directly to the pickup window.
  • Kiosks: The store is also adding digital kiosks. This way you can order your food and beverages without assistance.
  • Expanded menu: In addition, there will be a custom Grab & Go section featuring bottled beverages, fresh fruit, and fruit snacks.

Why is Dunkin’ Donuts changing its name?

Officials at Dunkin’ Donuts said on the company’s website they’re planning the change so they can make the brand more modern. This is their attempt to make sure the brand keeps up with the times. Said Tony Weisman, Chief Marketing Officer for Dunkin’ U.S. in a statement:

By simplifying and modernizing our name, while still paying homage to our heritage, we have an opportunity to create an incredible new energy for Dunkin’, both in and outside our stores. We are bringing the iconic name Dunkin’ to the forefront in a bold way that brings to life how we refill optimism with each cup and bring fun, joy and delight to our customers each and every day.

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