This Is the 1 Surprising Difference Between Princess Charlotte’s First Days of Nursery School and Prince George’s

The dainty little coat. The red buckled shoes. A smile that resembles her grandmother’s so much it’s uncanny. There a million little things you can take away from the adorable pictures taken of Princess Charlotte before her first day at nursery school. But what’s even more intriguing is how the much the start to this royal’s education differs from that of her older brother, Prince George.

Here’s a look their different nursery school lives — and the one surprising difference that could shape their futures. (Check out page 5 for the answer.)

For starters, the schools are different

Prince George and Princess Charlotte holding their parents' hands.

The two siblings won’t be running into each other as they’ll be in different schools. | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Prince George attended Westacre Montessori School in Norfolk when he attended preschool. At the time, George was living with his parents, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, at Anmer Hall in Norfolk and the school was close by. Of course, the family has since moved back to Kensington Palace in London. So Princess Charlotte is attending Willcocks Nursery School near the palace.

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First day photos

Princess Charlotte dressed for her first day of school.

While her brother wore a casual outfit for his first day of school, Princess Charlotte got all dressed dup. | Kensington Palace via Twitter

The pictures taken of the two young royals reveal some subtle differences. Although both sets of photos were taken by Duchess Catherine herself, they instantly reveal how different the nursery school experiences are. Prince George is seen casually dressed in a more quaint, countryside scene. Princess Charlotte is more formally dressed in her photos taken outside of Kensington Palace.

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Media coverage

Prince George of Cambridge arrives for his first day of school with his father Prince William, Duke of Cambridge at Thomas's Battersea on September 7, 2017 in London, England.

Prince William actually dropped off Prince George on his first day of school. | Richard Pohle/WPA Pool/Getty Images

There is one thing that the youngsters’ first-day-of-school experiences share: The high level of privacy. Kensington Palace released statements before both children started school asking that the media keep their distance, for the sake of the royals as well as their classmates. Which is certainly a far cry from Prince William’s first day of school, where there were cameras and reporters lined up.

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The ‘stay and play’

Prince George, Duchess Kate, Princess Catherine, and Prince William in the Royal Family Christmas Card 2015

Imagine seeing the royal family arriving at your school! | Kensington Palace via Instagram

One interesting difference between the two nursery schools is how the children are dropped off on the first day. At Willcocks, Princess Charlotte and her schoolmates participated in what the school called a “play and stay” where the parents stay with their child for a bit before leaving. This is obviously different from many preschools, including the one that Prince George attended. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what makes these schools different.

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Very different curriculums

Prince George looks happily at bubbles in the air.

Was this intentional? | Chris Jackson/Pool/Getty Images

According to Express, Willcocks Nursery School exercises a more “gentile” approach with the children that attend, and they focus on subjects such as art and music. The nursery school Prince George attended in Norfolk, on the other hand, is a Montessori-based school, which focuses on building a child’s mental toughness and wherewithal. (Prince William also attended a Montessori school when he was young.)

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What the different schools mean

Kate Middleton holds Princess Charlotte as Prince William holds Prince George.

Each school has a different vibe and purpose. | Arthur Edwards/Pool/ Getty Images

It could simply be that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge chose different nursery schools for their children based on location. However, the choices suggest that Prince George and Princess Charlotte are already being groomed for the roles they will play in the monarchy later in life. Sure, both are in line for the throne after their father. But it’s possible that Prince George is being toughened up to become king, while Princess Charlotte is being given a more sensitive touch.

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How does this affect baby No. 3?

Kate Middleton holds her baby bump in a blue coat.

We can’t wait to see how things work out for the next royal. | Eddie Mulhollan/AFP/Getty Images

It’s really anyone’s guess who the duke and duchess’s third child will be schooled. (Especially since the baby isn’t due until April and the public still doesn’t know what the gender of the baby is!) But you can probably bet that the newest member of the family will have his or her own set of “first day of school” pictures to compare to older siblings, George and Charlotte.

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