Do Dimples Like These on Your Back Reveal More About Your Health Than You Think?



There are lots of little anomalies and differences all over our bodies, and often, people claim that there’s more to these features than meets the eye. Now, it seems that many people are obsessing over the “dimples of Venus,” two dimples on your lower back that some people have and others don’t.

Since Classical times, these marks have been thought to convey more than meets the eye. Namely, the virility and sex life of the person who possesses them.

Their medical name is a little less fun – lateral lumbar indentations.

They are, more often than not, genetic, passed down from your mother’s side.


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And while they’re not always immediately noticeable, recently people have been adorning them with jewelry to let the world know that, yup, they’ve got the dimples of Venus. Of course, you have to be wearing something pretty revealing to begin with in order for someone to see your lower back, so it’s no surprise that someone bearing their back might toss some jewelry on there as well.


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And while being blessed with them might just be the result of the luck of the draw, a “ligament stretching between the posterior superior iliac spine and the skin” is the real cause of them. Not quite so sexy when it’s put that way, now is it?



Then there’s the question of what these oddly-placed marks actually mean. Are the just aesthetic? Well, not according to the types of people who search for deeper meaning in other body markings like wrists, palms, and skull structure.

The deeper meaning that many find almost always revolves around…what else? Sex. The claims vary with one of the more outlandish being that women with these Venus dimples have an easier time reaching orgasm than men do. There’s no proven anatomical reason for this to be the case, but that doesn’t stop folks from speculating, now does it?



The reasoning goes: the position of the bones and muscles with the ligament that creates the dimple shape is such that circulation is improved, which in turn facilitates sexual release.

It’s hardly a guarantee, but you’d rather be rumored to have a better sex life than not, right? There’s no downside medically to having these dimples, so why not enjoy the stereotype?



Sometimes the dimples are subtle but in the case of this pic, they’re very pronounced. As you would imagine, there’s a spectrum of shapes and sizes.



Also, you haven’t seen any guys in these pics, have you? That’s not part of any agenda. These dimples are just far more prevalent in women than men. But that’s not to say the don’t exist. They do.



But as for the reputation that a male possessor of back dimples can reach orgasm quicker…well, that hasn’t been widely discussed but theoretically…it’s possible!